Top 8 Best Off-Road Go-Karts For Adults And Kids

The best off-road go-karts are ideal for you or your kids to enjoy incredible fun! They give you a chance to experience an exciting sport with thrilling feelings. You can drive the karts at the optimal speed on your local track or a trail with different experiences. Choosing the best karts is important to support you in getting great driving with the ultimate results. You can also use them as a perfect gift to give joy to your kids. Let’s read on for the best pick. 

Best Off-Road Go-Karts For Adults And Kids Reviews

#1 – Segway Ninebot Electric Go-kart Off-road – Best Overall

Segway Ninebot Electric Go-kart Off-road - Best Overall



  • Squeaky sound sometimes
  • Poor battery range 


  • Excellent build quality 
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile light system 
  • Powerful handle 


  • Brandname: Segway
  • Item dimensions: 40 x 32 x 18 inches
  • Product weight: 61 pounds
  • Material: Metal, ‎plastic
  • Size: X-Large
  • ‎Style: ‎Go-kart Kit (Without Ninebot S)
  • Included Components: AA batteries and accessory box

With this go-kart, you can enjoy double the fun attaching the Ninebot S to the GoKart drift kit. Ninebot S features a BMS (an advanced intelligent battery management system) and high capacity lithium-ion battery.  

This system combines with twin motors that can deliver 700W for doubling power when driving karts. The powerful and optimal Ninebot S can offer a range of up to 15.5 miles with a speed of up to 23 mph for your kart engine. 

You will be filled with excitement when driving this Segway GoKart because it includes the brake pedals and handbrake for changing back and forth. The handbrake and brake pedals are a part of the kart engine that help you control its braking system. 

The best part is that Segway GoKart is suitable for different age groups. This go-kart product has dimensions of 40 x 32 x 18 inches, adjustable frame length, and a maximum load of 220 lbs. This helps it to be portable and suitable for kids, teens, and even adults. You can easily carry it and drive it wherever you want. 

On its downside, despite coming with Ninebot S, it does not include detailed instructions for using such a feature. The procedure applies only to older Mini Pros. This makes your installation more difficult. 

#2 – Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart – Best For Usability 

Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart - Best For Usability 



  • Optimal acceleration 
  • Great drifting
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Possible to reach max speed


  • Not very sturdy


  • Brandname: Segway
  • Item dimensions: 55.9 x 33.5 x 23.6 inches
  • Product weight: ‎‎112.9 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Style: Gokart Pro (with Ninebot S MAX)
  • Size: Extra large
  • Included Components: Accessories, frame 

This item comes with the Ninebot SMAX that allows you to assemble and disassemble your model easily. The Ninebot SMAX is a supercharged innovation of Ninebot S that gives your engine super fast speed and extensive range. Thus, you can effortlessly control your go-kart with your hands to experience the great fun of a self-balancing kart.  

This go-kart boasts adjustable frame length with handling height from 4.5 “to 6.3” to accommodate the riders. Thus, you can adjust frame length easily to choose the height suitable for you or your kids.  This feature also makes Gokart PRO compatible for all ages to operate and control easily.   

Besides, the item also includes the drift support system. This system is useful and effective to help you drift well with the Segway Ninebot application. It comprises two in-wheel motors separately connected to rear tires that let you pre-program the drifting experience in all-terrain conditions with your favorite style.   

However, you can have trouble with this product, especially the Segway Ninebots system, if you have taken it from the store. This item is not that durable. After you drive for a certain time like several months, it can call for some repairs.  

Considering the repair process at a high cost, this can be a real deal breaker. If it’s too costly to provide local support for that product, you might want to lay your eyes on other picks in this list.

#3 – Red Razor Dune Buggy Fast Off-road Go-kart – Best Performance 

Red Razor Dune Buggy Fast Off-road Go-kart - Best Performance 



  • Strong electric motor
  • Compact design, lightweight
  • Safe steel frame 
  • Comfortable seat 
  • Good brake controls 
  • Fantastic pneumatic tires
  • Fast speed


  • Glitchy running
  • Not suitable for small children 


  • Brand name: ‎Dune Buggy
  • Item dimension: 26.5 x 17.5 x 41 inches
  • Product weight: ‎‎8.25 Pounds
  •  Material: Alloy steel
  • Size: ‎One size
  • Included components: Dune Buggy and manual

Razor Dune Buggy is meant for optimal performance. Believe it or not, this compact kit is armed with a powerful 350-watt electric motor. A strong electric motor can boost your engine to maximize performance while working. 

Besides, you can drive fast with normal speeds of 9 mph and have great fun tearing the track at speeds up to 10 mph with the optimal motor capacity.  

This item includes a variable speed chain-driven motor and reduction drive to deliver maximum torque. For your information, a variable speed chain-driven motor is a piece of device that helps you control your speed or use the electric motor to generate torque. This system contributes to the ultimate performance of the go-kart that creates unlimited enjoyment even on rough surfaces. 

Feel free to conquer different terrains with top-notch performance. Dune buggies or beach buggies are kart motors that can be recreational with wide tires and large wheels. It is ideal for working on beaches, dunes, deserts, or normal roads. The sturdy and powerful tires allow your go-kart to run on all terrains regardless of being tough or bumpy. 

This cool vintage-style model also produces a lot of performance with greater buggy thrills for various areas. The classic dune buggy design comprises a diamond-coated baseplate and bucket seats with knobby tires compatible with all terrains. 

Nevertheless, its drawback is the life expectancy of the battery. When the battery runs out, it is impossible to recharge it. This can affect the quality and performance of the model. Changing a new battery can be expensive and time-consuming, which might hold you back. 

#4 – Radio Flyer Ultimate Kid Off-road Go-Kart – Best For Safety 

Radio Flyer Ultimate Kid Off-road Go-Kart - Best For Safety 


  • Convenient and suitable for both adults and kids
  • Easy to control
  • Lightweight 
  • Usable for 3-8 years old 
  • Attractive design


  • High price
  • Poor-quality charger
  • Mediocre wheels 


  • Brand name: Radio Flyer
  • Item dimensions: 43 x 30.25 x 37.2 inches
  • Product weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Material: Plastic, alloy steel

If you are seeking a go-kart that can give your child the ultimate safety, Radio Flyer Ultimate is the right option. This item features a parent speed lock that supports you in monitoring and adjusting your kids’ driving speed. 

This mode can ensure complete safety for your kids to restrict the terrible injuries or sudden accidents if the speed is too fast. Imagine your kids going down an even slope at high velocity!

Besides, this model also comes with seat belts and race flags for safer and clearer visibility. Seat belts with parent-controlled quick-release and highly visible racing flags are essential to keep your children under control. Thus, use these functions when your kid drives the go-kart to increase safety and avoid potential accident risks. 

The rubber traction on the front tires with the wider rear tires makes your children easily go on rough surfaces and corners. This design also ensures optimal safety for riders when driving the go-kart. They can prevent your kids from falling out while still getting amazing experiences. 

Regarding its disadvantage, the troublesome problem is that the actual wheels are made of cheap hard plastic that is easily broken. They are fragile with little traction on the turf. The wheels are not durable indeed. The poor quality can affect the traction and reduce your fun somehow.

#5 – Razor Crazy Cart Shift – Best For Drifting 

Razor Crazy Cart Shift - Best For Drifting 



  • Variable speed
  • Powerful chain-driven motor
  • Durable steel frame 
  • Sturdy aluminum wheels
  • Easy to control with thumb-trigger acceleration


  • Hard to use on a tough surface
  • The battery quickly drains


  • Brand name: Razor
  • Item dimensions: 30.35 x 20.66 x 12.8 inches
  • Product weight: 22.22 pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Style: Kart
  • Included components: ‎Crazy Cart Shift 2.0

The Crazy Cart Shift promises to provide your younger kids a great drifting experience. It is the ideal choice for an unrivaled drifting that inspires riders of different levels and skills. 

The item includes a streamlined drift system that helps riders easily concentrate on throttling and steering control by using both hands on the wheels. This system is beneficial to support you in becoming a pro at driving go-karts.

Besides, you can start with a fun spin session that gives you more comfortable controls when drifting. The spin session effectively makes you flexible during a drifting process with a lot of excitement. 

However, the trade-offs of this product are speed and battery life expectancy. It can be unpleasant if its battery quickly drains after operating it for a short time. The charging is also time-consuming. You have to wait for a long time to get a full battery. 

The low battery also has a close relation to the pace. You could not reach the fast speed if the battery ran out. 

#6 – Razor Crazy Cart – Best For Versatility 

Razor Crazy Cart - Best For Versatility 



  • Sturdy handle 
  • Easy to use 
  • Great fun with fast speed of up to 12 mph
  • Fast charger 


  • Glitches
  • Not durable 
  • Low safety 


  • Brand name: ‎Razor
  • Item dimensions: ‎25 x 19 x 35 inches
  • Product weight: ‎55.2 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: One size
  • Included components: ‎Manual, Crazy Cart, Charger

Crazy Cart is a versatile go-kart with unique features that help your racing process be more flexible. It delivers variable speed foot pedal acceleration, which allows you to reach speeds up to 12 mph.  

The variable speed foot pedal acceleration provides a flexible mechanism for the drive and acceleration smoother and faster. It also reduces the on-off motion when you use racing go-karts. 

Besides, the drift bar is significant for thorough control through spinning, drifting, and cornering. You can freely move your kart as you like. 

The patented drift system effectively lets you change the rear caster angle. This system gives you the ultimate versatility while driving. You can drift backward, forward, diagonally, and laterally.  

So far, so good; but the controlled drift system on the rear wheel is not durable. It is easy to be broken while driving. This can cause dangerous accidents and affect the quality of the item. 

#7 – Costzon Go Kart – Best For Kids

Costzon Go Kart - Best For Kids



  • Durable construction 
  • Strong steel frame 
  • Comfortable seat 
  • Secure wheels with anti-slip strips 
  • Non-slip pedals


  • Small size, not suitable for adults


  • Brand name: Costzon
  • Item dimensions: 41.5 x 23.2 x 24.4 inches
  • Product weight: 20 pounds
  • Material: Metal frame +Polypropylene Plastic

This kart is suitable for kids owing to its design, material, feature, and function. It is designed with a funny look, a pedal-operated toy car. Such an appearance makes it the perfect gift to satisfy your kids’ curiosity on holidays such as Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and other holidays. Your kid can ride it alone to experience the wonderful joys. 

Besides, the carefully selected materials put your mind at ease when your kids have fun riding the cart. The product includes polypropylene plastic and a metal frame. 

Specifically, polypropylene plastic is a common material used to create everything, including the container. It is safe and harmless to your child’s health. So, you can feel secure letting your kid play with this kart. 

With the safe design and right size of EVA rubber wheels, your kid can reach different terrains such as grass, hard surfaces, or other grounds. EVA rubber wheels are delicately manufactured of plastic, which will help your kid control the kart easily (compared to hard plastic) and put the danger at bay. 

This kiddy cart is simple to operate without the battery, so your children can run it whenever they want without concerns about running out of juice half way.  

This go-kart is compatible with children between 3-8 years old due to the adjustable seats in two distinct positions. Your kids can easily control their seats to get the right position while driving a kart. 

However, we will give it a minus point regarding the installation. There is no manual included, so we have to figure it out based on the illustrated photo.

#8 – Coleman Powersports – Best For Durability

Coleman Powersports - Best For Durability



  • Powerful motor
  •  Smooth ride 
  •  Good safety 
  • Sturdy and durable frame 
  •  Adjustable seat 
  • Automatic handling system with a simple operation 


  • Poor engine


  • Brand name: ‎Coleman Powersports
  • Item dimensions: ‎68 x 44 x 47 inches
  • Product weight: ‎330 pounds
  • Material: Metal frame

This product is well-known for its great durability. Its machine system may withstand a long time of trail fun thanks to a rugged 16-gauge and 13-gauge tubular construction.

The 16-gauge is thicker and stronger to support your karts in handling the tough surface or complicated terrains.  

We will give our thumbs up for the large rugged wheels that were born for off-road. Large wheels can deliver a higher clearance and large tread surface to clear the rough terrain while supporting handling and cornering. Not to mention, the patterns enhance the grip and traction on mud or wet roads.

Regarding its drawback, you can face a poor engine that can work in a short time only. After you buy this and operate it for a while, the engine can get problems and affect the quality and performance. 

If you keep your machine operating for about 20 hours on end, it can stop working. But we bet not many drive that long.

Buying Guide For The Best Off-Road Go-Kart


Off-road go-karts are different from ordinary racing go-karts because they include shock absorbers, knobby tires, and suspension systems. Not all off-road go-karts share the same features. Some are fully equipped, and the remainders are not. You should clarify their features and function depending on the using purpose and what you want to seek. 


Off-road go-karts can be armed with either an electric motor or a gas-powered engine. Gas engines use the combustion system to power the required gasoline. Combustion engine karts typically comprise 2- or 4-stroke with a single air-cooled cylinder. 

The displacement is about 80cc to 300cc. These engines are noisy. They may burn gasoline and emit exhaust fumes quickly. Thus, it is useful for off-road driving if it is not near landmarks or roads. 

Electric motors are often brushless motors with complete power. The benefit of these smoke-free engines is that they are much lighter than gasoline engines, contributing to weight distribution improvement.


Safety should always be a top priority. It’s best to opt for off-road go-karts with built-in safety features giving complete protection to the rider, especially for kids. Standard off-road kart safety devices can always be seat belts and steel frames. You should always follow the safety guidelines to stay safe while running karts. 

Besides, you need to protect yourself if the kart stops working or fails. This can regularly happen more in off-road models. Because these go-karts are light and small, they can not come with a roll cage. 

You should also look for tail lights, mesh sides, headlights, and a good suspension system to deal with unwanted shocks.

Seat Capacity 

The seating capacity can vary depending on the off-road go-karts. Kid’s off-road karts are single-seater, while adult go-karts are two-seater. 

Besides, four-seater off-road karts are available for families but are less popular. Depending on the number of seats you want, you should think twice to make the right decision. 

Age Group 

Each go-kart is suitable for a specific age group. The larger one without a higher cubic capacity and speed controller is often for adults who can operate off-road karts with ease. 

The off-road go-karts with a speed limiter are for children. You can find your kart for your age. It’s best to double-check the manufacturer’s specifications for proper age and racing requirements.


Design is another criterion you should consider before buying a go-kart. Determine whether it is compatible with your personal preference, depending on different factors. The most ordinary difference is the shape or style of the go-kart. 

Some products are bulky, and others have a wider stance, or some have special features like the latest LED lights or fenders. Besides, color is essential to choose in the design aspect. Most go-karts are available in diverse colors. All in all, it all boils down to your preference and taste.

Weight Limit 

Go-karts include weight limits recommended for riders who will control them. Pedal carts often have the lowest weight capacity among the other go-kart types. Electric products have medium to high weight limits, depending on the purpose or quality. Gas-powered items have the highest loading capacity and are suitable for both children and adults. 

When purchasing go-karts, keep an eye on the weight limit with the specified height. This step is useful to keep the rider’s safety and determines the level of comfort or movements of the legs that the rider can use. 


When people choose and buy go-karts, no one can turn a blind eye on prices. You, of course, hope you can get a high-quality product with an affordable price tag. But don’t stick to the dirty cheap models. It is better to choose an item with good value such as great functions or nice designs on your budget. 

Ask yourself or ask for a piece of advice from an expert if you have a hard time deciding how much you can spend on an off-road go-kart. 


Can Go-karts Go Offroad?

Yes. Special types of go-karts can be versatile for the exhilarating experience with the different off-road terrains. They can help you go through narrow route, climb rocks, and float on the sand. They are called off-road go-karts as a common term. 

Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy A Go-Kart?

The choice is yours! A brand new go-kart can be either cheaper or more pricey than to build one yourself.

A cheap pedal kart for a child can cost under $100 for used models and more than $200 for new ones. Youth electric go-karts can cost you somewhere over $500 (or used) and over $ 2,000 for a new one. A used adult go-kart costs above $800, and a new one is priced at above $2,400. In the meantime, it calls for between $400 to $860 to build one, depending on what you want. 

Thus, you have different choices, whether seeking a small pedal go-kart for your child or a professional go-kart for yourself. 

What Age Is Appropriate For A Go-Kart?

When your kid shows interest and enthusiasm for karts, you might wonder what age is appropriate. 

To race a go-kart on the roads, a child should often be at least 5-6 years old. You also refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for kids’ minimum weight and height when they start karting at five. Every kid is not the same, so various factors are critical to consider if the go-kart is suitable for your kid. 

Can A 5 Year Old Go-Kart?

Yes. 5 years old is the recommended age for going kart racing with a lot of fun. Go-kart racing at this age gives your kids healthy physical and spiritual development. 

From the age of 5, your child can learn go-karts and compete with other riders. To assist them, you can allow them to attend the children’s kart classes with strict regulations. 

How Fast Are Kid Go Karts?

Kids’ go-karts can reach an average speed of  30-40 mph. This speed ​​is one of the important factors that help you choose the best product for your kid. Your little one can experience the thrilling speed of the pedal or electric go-karts. But don’t forget the safety features.

Do You Need Closed Toed Shoes For Go Karting?

Yes, you do. Wearing closed-toed shoes while going on the cart is very important to stay safe. They will prevent accidents or potential risks. 

Despite being worn, these shoes are a method better and safer than your sandals when you drive the karts together with other people. You can be injured if you collide with other riders without wearing closed-toed shoes. You may grip the pedals safer with the right pair of shoes to become the racing winner and reduce the risks of injury. 

How Do I Start Go Kart Racing?

Start go-kart racing is simple if you follow the useful tips below: 

You need to put on a comfortable outfit for easy movements and safety. Spend a certain time learning more about the cart and the tracks. You can watch the guiding videos for useful tips on the racing process. 

These tips help you get amazing feelings while driving a kart with excellent skills. Also, practicing with your fellows is a good strategy. You can be a good kart champion with ease!


Hopefully, you can choose the best off-road go-karts to have excellent races on various natural terrains such as mud, sand, and rocks. 

Among the eight typical products above, Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart is the overall option, considering design, quality, functions, and usability. 

This great go-kart helps you with exhilarating activities and interesting experiences through narrow passages, floating on the sand, or climbing rocks. 

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