Top 8 Best Pedal Go Kart – Be Not Swayed Anymore For The Best Choice

Children should be energetic and physically loving. Some might want to go outside and play from dusk till dawn without being tired, while nowadays, many wastes a lot of time sitting in front of a screen.

As parents, we want to excite them with physical activities or games. Therefore, today, we will introduce you to the extremely joyful game – of go-karting! It can help to motivate your kid to play, learn, and build strength, endurance, and coordination.

First, let us help you find the best pedal go-kart for your children and start teaching them to pedal. We will list our best models on the market with detailed information and reviews for you to pick from! Read on to know!

Top 8 Best Pedal Go Kart 

#1 – Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart – Best For Responsive Steering


Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart


  • Brand: Hauck
  • Age: 4-8 years
  • Weight: 22 Pounds
  • Size: 44 x 21 x 22 inches
  • Material: Rubber


  • Resemble extreme Batman theme to delight kids
  • Race-styled pedals with rubber wheels for smooth rides
  • Seat with multiple heights
  • A real head-turner for fun


  • The front fenders are easy to come off
  • It’s not for children older than 8

Hauck Batmobile has a funny-themed design, making your boys feel like superheroes when riding this Batmobile. This unit mimics the look of Batman’s motorbike with a classic matte black finish for the ultimate fun game. There are some best features you can consider giving your Batman-loving child. 

It has sporty 3-point steering, so it can make this model look so sporty as well as responsive and quick steering. Combined with responsive steering, the wheels are also made of solid rubber, giving you no trouble with any type of surface to ride at higher speeds. 

You can see the different traction between a rubber tire and a solid plastic one. A rubber tire is a better choice for your children.

It offers an adjustable bucket seat, so driving this kart is comfortable to change various heights. The low-profile tires are also responsible for your riding stability along the way. To ensure it’s an extremely safe kart, the ball-style handbrake will help with rear-wheel control, stopping the kart at once without any rolling-over accidents. 

With a weight capacity of 120 lbs, this unit is only for children from 4 to 8 years old. So, it is not designed for teens or adults. There are many responses about how small it is, so if your children are tall, consult customer service to see if it fits. 

#2 – Hauck Lightning – Best Powered Pedal Kart For Girls


Hauck Lightning - Best Powered Pedal Kart For Girls


  • Brand: Hauck
  • Weight: 23 Pounds
  • Age: 4-7 years olds
  • Size: 36.2 x 20.1 x 20.1 inches 
  • Material: Alloy Steel


  • Eight-ball styled hand brake for easily controlling
  • 3-point sporty steering wheel for accuracy
  • Durable with powder-coated steel tube frame
  • Pedals are easy to handle


  • It’s not appropriate for some tough places

This Hauck Lightning resembles race-inspired pedals. You can choose a gorgeous bright color for young daughters and boys, either green, pink or red, which all combine well with the steel tube-like frame. It looks so girly with no heavy-looking bodywork, a perfect fit for girl use. 

The pedals are energy-powered that require no batteries for charging, letting your child off limits to go far and long as desired. Also, the pedal-push sprocket makes it effortless to control the speed. The steering is by far accurate to make it drive to the maximum with easy control. 

When you stop the kart, the brake quickly responds with eight-ball style, driving it to a halt. For the comfortable seat, you can accommodate it in different situations, moving forward or backward at ease, thanks to a high backrest. It is also usable for various heights.

It has maximum weight support of 120 lbs, which is recommended for children aged 4 to 7 years old. Yet, it is quite lightweight (only 23 lbs), so you can bring it for your daughter to go on any trips and picnics. 

The downfall of this is the poor performance on rough surfaces. Though it is suggested to go-karting both indoors and outdoors, it’s not ideal on some uneven terrains. Using it indoors on concrete can be great, but gravel can be hard to pedal.

#3 – Razor Dune Buggy – Best for Ultimate Electric Power

Razor Dune Buggy - Best for Ultimate Electric Power


  • Brand: Razor
  • Size: 26.5 x 17.5 x 41 inches
  • Weight‎: 8.25 Pounds
  • Age: 8+
  • Color: ‎Red
  • Material: ‎Alloy Steel


  • Its light yet durable tubular steel frame made for easy vertical storage.
  • The bucket seat coming with a shoulder strap
  • Provided with 24V sealed rechargeable battery system
  • Control with thumb trigger acceleration and rear disc brake for maximum control
  • Featured with diamond plate floorboard
  • Protective padding


  • Couldn’t go in reverse

The design of Razor Dune Buggy will bring back the vintage vibe to the 70s, making it a fun and colorful experience when riding this kart. It also is designed with electric spin to give the feeling of buggy thrills. 

Though it’s such a childish piece of device, it can run up to 9 miles/hour, rendering it an ideal gift for both older kids and teens. Compared to other models available on the market, this one is definitely faster, yet it also has such a low center of gravity. This way, you don’t have to worry about it tipping over.

It also operates for up to 40 minutes of continuous use, giving them exciting rides and unlimited fun. All of its great features are thanks to the support of a powerful 350-watt electric motor.

This unit is compact with 8-inch knobby pneumatic tires, which provide a rear suspension and smooth ride. The amazing thing about this is both the hand brake and thumb throttle are on the steering wheels. 

When kids first try it, it can be a little bit of a disadvantage, but once they get used to it. You will find it safe for your kids. One benefit of using hand brakes is helping your children learn to ride a bike using bike hand brakes.

This electric go-karting will be worth your every penny for a structured metal frame with its actual inflated tires. However, one thing we are not satisfied with is that it can’t go in reverse. This can be a problem when you get stuck in a corner and can’t get back. It is not really a nuisance, so you can still enjoy this for an ultimate fun game!

#4 – Berg Pedal Go Kart Buzzy Nitro – Best Ride-on Toy For Toddlers

Berg Pedal Go Kart Buzzy Nitro - Best Ride-on Toy For Toddlers


  • Brand: BERG Toys
  • Weight: 15.4 pounds
  • Age: 2-5 years old
  • Size: 32.68 x 19.29 x 19.69 inches
  • Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate


  • Swing axle for smooth rides
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good-built and durable frame
  • Four wheels to make it safe and easy for movement


  • No braking mechanism

For the very first-time pedal go kart, The Berg Buzzy can be a promising purchase. This unit is so catchy and flashy that its look can make your kids fall in love at first sight. 

As it is targeted at young children such as toddlers (2-5 years), it’s super lightweight with only 15.4 pounds, yet really stable for safe rides. It has four wheels which support stability by far. The tilted line of the wheels is much further outward and away from the center of gravity, preventing your child from tipping over. A steel tubular frame also gives strength and stability.

To make pedals for toddlers, they have the handlebars operated independently. This way, the pedals will stay still when steering, and the feet remain stuck on the pedals all the time for your child. You can see that riding and steering are separated so that your toddlers can do everything they want for the best safety.

Another cool feature we like a lot is the high-tech foam tires. It is an alternative to traditional rubber tires. This replacement is by far durable and lessens the risk of a flat tire. Also, its function is to compress, provide more traction, and absorb the shocks well. These lead to a reduction in noise, so it allows toddlers to play outdoors and indoors and will not be a distraction or a turn-off for parents like us.

Yet, some reports have been made that it does not have any braking mechanism and also doesn’t have a free wheel. Because of that, you cannot coast down a hill and must keep pedaling. If it has a free wheel, it would be particularly useful for the riders to position the pedals in the right direction to get going.

#5 – Hauck Lightning Pedal Go Kart – Best For Comfort 

Hauck Lightning Pedal Go Kart - Best For Comfort 


  • Brand: Hauck
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Sizes: 4-7 years old
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Dimensions: 36.2 x 20.1 x 20.1 inches


  • Hand brake to regulate speed.
  • Sporty 3-point steering for responsive turner
  • Set up the unit at ease
  • Well-suited for both kids and toddlers
  • Comfy seat


  • Poor chain equipment

Along with The Hauck Lightning innovation, this pedal kart is inspired by sporty themes, enhancing the look to be more of a rider. This unit will amaze you with how comfortable it is. Hence, it is highly recommended for kids from 4 to 7 years old to practice pedaling. 

For that, the manufacturer makes the grab handle on the top of the seat great to help him along when moving or putting the go-karts away. Kids will be obsessed with this Lightning model due to its good handling characteristics, child-oriented ergonomics, and great safety.

The race-style pedals are equipped with rubber wheels and an 8-ball hand brake to make this buddy a safe kart pedal. This way, their riding can be smoother and be stable for the rubber wheel steering. 

It also has the 3-point steering for ultimate control and to go in the exact direction. Even though it’s lightweight, it is praised for its sturdy structure and well-made hand brake. It will help your go-kart come to a halt immediately, preventing any unexpected incidents.

Your kids will love to be right there on the seat for hours for riding as it has an ergonomic seat that allows it to adjust and easily for your little one to lean forward and back. 

It also accommodates a range of sized legs, so don’t worry if your kids are quite oversized. They still feel free and enjoyable when zipping around the driveway, down the block, and back up and around the curvy walkway.

The disadvantage of this design is that the cheap chain will often fall apart. It can be a little hurt to get access to fix it. Yet, you just need to replace a new quality one, and then the problem is solved!

#6 – Hauck Nerf Striker Go Kart – Best For Racing

Hauck Nerf Striker Go Kart - Best For Racing


  • Brand: Hauck
  • Weight: 13 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.43 x 21.85 x 34.65 inches
  • Age: 4 to 8 Years old
  • Material: Rubber, Alloy Steel


  • Adjustable bucket seat for different sitting situations
  • Sturdy steel tubular frame
  • Unique with Race-style pedals
  • Low-profile rubber tires to lessen the risk of flat tires


  • The rear axle makes it difficult to maneuver around on some uneven grounds

This Hauck Nerf Striker is designed perfectly with controllability, giving you one step ahead and leaving your opponents in dust. You can use the NERF blasters, darts, and brackets to keep your game versatile, fast-moving, and accurate. The body works with a tubular steel frame, making it look firm and arrogant for any battles. Its material can stand the test of time and is completely worthwhile for long use.

To assemble this unit is a piece of cake. One little note for this is that you have to put the wrenches together. Some people don’t realize that it comes in the package. Once you assemble it completely, it can be smaller than expected.

There’s a handbrake which is very easy to use. The amazing thing about this brake is its optimal control, giving your child every accuracy and safety. Now your kid can ride at maximum speed while always keeping it in check with the ultimate control handbrake. The go-kart will halt at the very minute you touch the brake with safety and control.

One issue with the NERF Striker Pedal Go Kart is the rear axle can lock into the right wheel. As these pieces of equipment are just for a one-wheel drive vehicle, it is really hard to move on any uneven surface, even when the ground is slight, concrete and asphalt.

#7 – Costzon Kids Go Kart – Best For Security

Costzon Kids Go Kart - Best For Security


  • Brand: Costzon
  • Material: Metal frame & Polypropylene Plastic
  • Size: 39.4 x 23.2x 24.4 inches
  • Weight: 23 Pounds
  • Age: 3 to 8 years old


  • High-backed bucket seat for tireless riding hours
  • Added front protection cover for any unpredictable situation
  • Gear level for neutral position
  • Comes in various colors to choose from: pink, black, red, and blue, suitable for boys or girls.
  • Affordable price


  • The oil chain should be taken care of casually
  • A bit tricky to set up

What makes this Costzon Kids Go Kart outstanding from others is its high security with strips on wheels. 

It has a secured design with EVA rubber wheels, which are the exact size to help your ride anywhere, such as on the grass, asphalt, or pavement. The Eva material is non-slip and wear-resistant, preventing any hazard hindering your way and ideal for both indoors and outdoors games. 

There’s a front protection cover coping with any obstacles in their way and reducing their injuries for unexpected incidents. 

Another special feature is its gear lever which is located in the middle of the chain guard. To avoid your go-kart pulling forward, this gear lever can be a useful asset. You can use the steering wheel to move in your desired direction to support your riding.

This unit is made of metal and polypropylene plastic to ensure its durability and lightweight enough to carry around. There’s also a handle on the seat so that you can take the kids’ toy outdoors for a picnic and journey. It’s all efficient and well-thought-out for parents to help their kids pedal.

It is effortless to operate this device, requiring no batteries or gears. As such, you can get away from battery charging time, wire connection, or all. It is a perfect pedal go-kart!

When buying this unit, many customers think the chain oil is a problem. They suggest that you need to replace it or oil the chain each month. Because of the chain, assembling this Costzon Kids is kind of tricky. Reading the instructions provided can help, though.

#8 – Hauck Sirocco Racing Go Kart – Best For Speed Controlling

Hauck Sirocco Racing Go Kart - Best For Speed Controlling


  • Brand: Hauck
  • Material: Plastic, Rubber
  • Weight: 28 Pounds
  • Size: 47.6 x 28.3 x 28.3 inches
  • Age: 4-12 years old


  • It has a sporty theme design that inspires the racing spirit
  • Ergonomic seat to adjust for different heights
  • The steel tube powder-coat frame for durability
  • High backrest for a safe position and rest


  • The brake mechanism is not well-made
  • Slightly pricey

With fun graphic design on the Nassau panel and bright green highlights on its body, the look of Hauck Sirocco Pedal Go-Kart will certainly draw all children’s attention. It has been innovated and embodied by the company’s expertise for years, so this model will be the best fit for your choice.

To give kid riders an authentic experience, the company is thoughtful in making it easy to control their speed. The quick response and sharp handling features will excite the young to perform their best and fill the race with adrenaline. The powered auto-clutch system is evaluated as the most evolved pedal go-karting Hauck to date!

This go-kart is for 4 to 12-year-old kids. It is compacted with low-profile rubber tires for extreme support, control, and steering, which has two bearings in every 8-spoke rim. Like other Hauck models, the three-point steering will make the riding circle more accurate and responsive steering. 

One selling point you can take into consideration is that your kid can pedal it to go backward. Also, a handbrake is safe and stable to make your kart stop slowly, helping with any tipping-off situation. 

However, some people have complaints about the brake mechanism. Actually, it is just a lever for kids to pull. Then, it forces a metal bar against the back tire to stop the cart. 

It seems like too much potential wear and tear. If they can design it as a true break, it’s sure children love to pull on it! As your kids don’t realize it, the kart is still built with fun and speed.

Buying Guide

A go kart can cost an arm and a leg, so how to buy the best pedal go kart so that both you- parents and your children are satisfied the most? In our next part, we’ll give you specific information regarding high-quality material choices, brake systems, designs, and weight recommended to make the best decision for yourself.

Frame Material Built

The very first thing you should consider when purchasing a go kart is its material made for safety. Therefore, a competent quality frame should be the part you should take a careful look at and pick. 

Its firm frame can be both durable and long-lasting use. In this case, material such as steel can be ideal. The frame is designed to put other components together and also carry the racers’ weight. So, be sure it is a resistant and well-made build.

Most of the go-karts on our list are made of metal frames that can deal with heavy-duty work. Other materials such as plastic and cheap frame material will gradually fall apart. 

Yet, you can not avoid the chance of some type of plastic, which is polypropylene, on certain parts, including bumpers and skirts. They can be decorative things and also reduce the weight of the kart as low as possible while maintaining structural integrity.

Tire Materials

Now on the pedal kart market, you can find two of the most common types of tire materials. Many manufacturers prefer using rubber for pedal tires. The reason lies in its great grip performance with stability and makes the riding as smooth and soft as possible for all time. So, we assume high-end pedal go-karts are ones with rubber tires.

While ethylene-vinyl acetate tires are the alternative to rubber ones, which might have some similar features to rubber, it is tougher and firmer. 

It’s also pretty affordable to purchase go-karts with EAV tires compared to rubber ones. If you have a limited budget, one with EAV tires can be a wise choice as it performs a quieter ride than rubber tires.

Therefore, if you can choose a go-kart for a smooth run, it’s definitely the one with rubber tires. Otherwise, a cost-effective option with EVA is the best one to consider.

Brake Mechanism

As said, we will put safety at the top priority for our kids to go pedal. The braking system is also an important part that is in charge of security. There are two common types of braking systems for a pedal go-kart. 

The first one is originally equipped with the pedals of the kart. When they want to cease the kart, it will apply some resistance to make it to a halt. Thus, the cart will gradually slacken when kids want to bring it to a stop.

On the other hand, you can find some models with a handbrake to decelerate the kart. Once you pull the rod, the rear tires and friction will make the go-kart slow down. 

Those two types of brakes are considered safe for the go kart. It is efficient, and your child can easily get used to it and have a lot of fun.

Weight Limit

Let’s be aware of the weight capacity of each model. The weight limit is typically evaluated in pounds, and there’s no excuse you have to exceed it. If you surpass its limit in some bad situation, the whole frame and integrity will be damaged and soon be broken down.

Before choosing any models, see how much weight capacity is and if your child could be fit for it.

Ensure which age the go kart is for, as they will include it in their product description. Your child should be in the suggested age group. There are good reasons for this when the manufacturers recommend it and design the go-karts. Age can impact:

  • Rider height
  • Their ability to manage the kart
  • Unique features to support
  • Weight capacity


Pedal go karts are varied in styles and colors. Depending on your kid’s preference and favor, let’s go with the model they do love and desire. Ask your child which theme, color, or variant they wish, look for it, and it is certainly available on the market.


What Age are Pedal Go-karts For?

There can be some age ranges when you let your child ride a kart. Besides that, you should consider things before taking a shot to go to the store and buy one. Some factors you should notice are their height, their ability, and their own joy.

Your kids need to be at least 5 or 6 years old for a go-kart. However, many brands have improved their techniques to create some go-karting for toddlers or even younger riders, which can be those at 36 months at least ( you can see in our product listed).

How Fast is a Pedal Go-kart?

A pedal designed for kids reaches out to 10 miles per hour (16 km/h)!

The maximum speed for most karts is about 40 to 50 mph, which can be an on-end speed for safety and control. For kids around 6, it is a very appropriate speed that doesn’t make them feel like their head flies off the rack.

You can look for some models that can max out 100 mph (161km/hour) as karts come at various speeds. Yet, those are the super-karts that are used for certain purposes, as the recreational go-karts should be at a lower speed.

How Tall Do You Have To Be For Go-karting?

It doesn’t have a specific height required for kids to go-karting. Due to different models and the age-targeted, it can be varied. 

As said, the age for karting is at least six years old, and the riders should be at least 48 inches tall so that they can handle the kart safely. However, when your kids go-karting, have an eye on them as some unpredictable events can happen.

How Many Pedals Does a Go-Kart Have?

A standard kart has just one accelerator pedal withdrawing the power from the engine and one brake pedal that supports control of the speed.

Some karts are made to engage with anti-double pedal techniques so that you can accelerate and brake at the same time and prevent the clutch from breaking.

Is Kart Racing Safe For Kids?

It’s a big yes! Go-karting is assumed as an exciting sport and also an extreme exercise for both kids and adults. Safety is our primary concern, so today’s go-kart and tracks are designed to be the safest for drivers, bringing the real experience of riding and enjoying their happiness.

If you’re still worried, here’s a list best karting neck brace,  helmets and chest protector to keep your kids safe

Yet, there are some factors that you might need to consider before letting your kid go pedaling. It will involve:

  • Their height
  • Their pedal skills
  • Ability to handle the kart
  • Their enjoyment of going kart


If you are looking for the best pedal go kart, look no further, we list all the best models here for you in this review. Hope that you can choose one from the list.

For the pedal go-kart winner, we crown the Hauck Batmobil Pedal Go-Kart, which is best for responsive steering. It can make your child feel like a dark knight with its versatility, maximum maneuver, and persistent fast speed while controlling it with safety. Let’s go out there and find the strongest opponents to battle with this kart!

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