Go-Kart Insurance Guide – An A-To-Z Instructions

If you have spent money, time, and effort to purchase and upgrade a go-kart, it goes without saying that you want to keep it intact and safe. One of the most effective ways to secure your machine safety is by starting to know the go-kart insurance guide

However, doing this still raises a lot of questions for beginners. Is there insurance for go-karts? What are insurance companies that cover karts? What policies will you receive? Don’t worry! This article will fill you in with a detailed guide!

Go-Kart Insurance Guide – The Only Guide You Will Need

Are Go-Karts Included In Homeowners, Rv&Auto Insurance?

Go-Kart Insurance protect your investment

The answer to this question depends on your go-kart type and the insurance company. Sometimes, this sports car is listed in all three kinds of insurance above. The details of the insurance policies also vary according to the place you live. 

America is a prime example of this, as it consists of numerous states with different insurance policies. Thus, don’t forget to consult your local practices carefully. 

Homeowners Insurance And Karts

This type of property insurance covers damages or loss to your residence, furnishing, and assets. There are still circumstances where your property is excluded from it, such as when natural disasters like floods or volcanic eruptions happen. Now to the most important part: does it cover go-karts?

For the most part, it doesn’t. These open-wheel cars are considered motorized vehicles, which are self-propelled, wheeled, and used for people or cargo transportation. Unfortunately, homeowner insurances usually leave out motor vehicles. 

There are still cases where people can insure their karts, so don’t give up yet. It’s best if you check your policies carefully. If the insurance extends to go-karts, you need to make sure that the machines are on your premises. You can talk to the company or agent and ask specifically about karts for good measure.

Auto Insurance And Go-Karts

It’s literally a piece of cake to get auto insurance for a car. You just need to have a license and identification number, and it’s mostly enough to insure your car. However, things are not that simple for karts.

Automobile insurances only include registered means of transport. Go-karts, on the other hand, are not road legal. Thus, they are not registered and don’t have a registration number. 

That being said, it also means that if your kart has a registration number, chances are it’ll get insured. Some go-karts even come with street legal requirements, giving them access not only to race venues but also to road use. That means they meet the demands of those policies above. In this case, you can consult the auto insurers, and they might offer the service you want.

RV (Recreational Vehicle) Insurance And Go-Karts

Unlike the two insurances above, things look up a bit in this case. Some RV insurances include recreational vehicles like go-karts. With several companies’ policies, your buddies even get to be insured if there are theft, explosions, or acts of gods like tornadoes, rains, or lightning. 

Again, insurances are available in some companies, not all. Therefore, you can’t skip the step where you ask their agents if you can get RV insurance for your machines. 

Don’t let those people take advantage of you with their vague words and policies. Always be conscious of what terms in the documents refer to a go-kart. 

Companies To Insure Your Kart

Our go-kart insurance guide also provides you with many reliable insurance companies. Choose a suitable one for your needs and conditions and let them bring you peace of mind. 

In America, you can check out Select Choice and Allstate. They have policies that offer coverage for go-karts. Additionally, while Allstate’s service is accessible in all states in America, the former restricts to just Arizona. 

There are Sports Cover Direct and Werner Hahn to pick from if you’re in Germany. Moving to Australia, karts insurances can be found in the Off-road Insurance policy of the One Underwriting Company. You can enjoy this service throughout Australia, too.

How To Keep My Go-Kart Safe?

Store The Machine Properly

Starting a go-kart busines with Go-Kart Insurance

Putting the sports car in a safe and clean place will prolong its longevity. The prime candidate to keep your machines is in your garage. You can put all the necessary tools there so that storage and repair work takes place under the same roof. Plus, the go-karts will be safe from thieves and weather factors once you lock the garage. 

Another option for you is to rent a slot at the race track. Many track operators offer this service where you can park and store your buddy there. The rate for this service often ranges from 20 dollars to 60 dollars per month. 

Lock The Kart

Unlike cars, which are enclosed and only accessible if you have their key, karts don’t need keys to access their inside. That means thieves can easily take them away. Locking the kart to a fixed place will reduce this risk. You can buy an axle lock, a steering wheel one, or both for extra protection.


A good way to ensure that your machines are always safe is to be careful at home. You need to eliminate all the fire or other chemical substance hazards for the sake of your property.

In the garage where you put the kart, there are electrical sockets, petrol, gas, etc. You need to make sure the sockets are switched off and the petrol or gas tank sealed tightly. Also, avoiding holding barbecue parties or cooking near the kart storage can secure your machines.


Is Driving A Go-Kart The Same As Driving A Car?

To a certain extent, driving a kart is just like doing it in a car on the track. They both have four wheels and operate on its engine. 

When it comes to differences, the most prominent one is in the usage of these two vehicles. While karts mainly serve racing and recreational uses, cars can meet various demands. Moreover, car seating in a kart places your center of gravity lower than in a car. Thus, the former allows you to take very sharp turns. 

How Fast Do Go-Kart Racers Go?

The maximum these machines can reach depends on their engines and other parts. It also differs according to the user’s age group. 

The fastest they can cruise in the machine for kids is from 9 to 20 miles per hour. Adults can enjoy the ride at 45 miles per hour at max. If you are a professional racer, that number can increase up to 150 miles per hour. 

Can You Get A Concussion From Go-Karts?

The answer is yes. Races with these vehicles can be incredibly dangerous, as the drivers drive competitively and side to side. One slip-up from a certain driver can set off a chain of serious accidents for others on the track. 

Things can get even scarier if you let kids participate in those races. The likelihood of concussion happening to kids is also significantly higher when compared to other age groups. 

Can You Sue A Go-Karting Place?

Yes. If you’re hurt or injured due to the kart’s defect, you can sue the race operator or the company that produces the machine.


Getting insurance for your property keeps your money worthwhile and secure for a long time. Go-karts are no exception to this, too. Despite them being not road legal or for recreational use only, there is always one way or another to insure your favorite machines. 

Hopefully, our go-kart insurance guide can help provide your karts with safety and durability.

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