What Is The Go Karting Weight Limit?

Those who ride go-karts often usually think of putting weight onto their vehicles. There is a specific Go Karting Weight Limit to notice, which will be the main topic of today’s article.

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What Is The Go Karting Weight Limit?

go karting weight limit

There is no absolute weight limit when riding a go-kart, as each go-kart will have a different limitation in carrying weight. The weight limit typically includes the weight of the kart itself and the driver. 

If you use your go-kart for entertainment purposes, then the weight limit shall be easier than those who take a go-kart for competition and professional purposes.

There is a weight limit to notice for go-karts that are made specifically for tracks and championships. However, it still depends on which go-kart you are riding to determine the weight limit. 

For example, some karts cannot have drivers exceeding over 30300 lbs136kg). The maximum weight limit for professional championships like IAME can reach 190-200 lbs (86-90kg). The more professional the kart rider is, the stricter the rules they must follow.  

So, to identify what is the weight limit for your go-kart, you should consult with the kart seller or the local go-kart track beforehand. One more thing to remember is that your weight will contribute to the weight in total, which affects the speed’s performance. 

If the driver exceeds the weight limit of the kart while driving, he will still be able to drive the kart, but carrying on with this situation will cause the engine to break soon. 

Do Racing Karts Differ By Weight?

Yes, weight does make an impact when it comes to racing karts. If we think about Newton’s 1st Motion Law, it makes perfect sense as the more mass an object has, the larger inertia it holds. Hence, it takes more power to run a large weight. 

When you increase your racing classes, so will the minimum weight and the engine’s power. If a driver tends to be heavy, they will need more power in the engine to keep them going. 

On the other hand, a lighter driver wouldn’t have to use that much power to keep the engine going since they haven’t reached the maximum limit. 

Here are the factors affecting how weight can pose an impact while racing go-karts:


To get the result of an object’s inertia, we use mass, the product of the gravity pulling force downward. To move such an object at rest, it takes an extra force on the outside to push it in the direction you would not want it to go.


When it comes to being stable on track, traction can benefit you widely, especially on slippery roads.

For drivers with considerable weight, now they will see their weight as an advantage when curves and turns are smoother and more aggressive.


A heavier driver will get a more in-place kart since there is a more stable gravity center and weight. However, the kart’s handling can suffer because of this extra advantage. 

For every go-kart making a turn, its function requires the rear tire to be lifted off the ground, or else the turn will not be efficient. If you are trying to control your kart while it has extra weight, you have limited your tire’s jack-up ability. 

However, there are ways to improve these situations, such as chassis tweaking or seat adjusting. 

If there is extra weight added, it will result in lower-registered steering inputs. The bigger the mass of your kart is, the more force it needs to take for your kart to change its direction.

What Are The Advantages Of Adding Weights To Karts?

Let’s imagine a situation where there are two kart drivers, one with the weight added up to the kart and reaches the weight limit, and the other that is much lighter, who requires adding more weight.

The person who poses a clear advantage is the second driver. 

Hence, adding extra weight results in more advantages. The balanced kart has a stable weight distribution from left to right and a 43/57 balance.

If you and your vehicle have exceeded the weight limit, then putting more weight becomes unnecessary to unallowed from this point. However, you can always try adding more pounds to your kart. If it works, then go for it. 

How Are The Weight Limits Differ At Worldwide Local Tracks?

Each kart location will have a different weight limit. For example, Adrenaline Park and Victory Lane Kart Place allow the maximum weight to be 350 lbs, while the Family Fun Center at Extreme Prix has the maximum weight of 450 lbs. 

In the UK, specifically TeamSport – a popular karting company in the region, only allows 252 lbs as the maximum weight limit for fear of chubby people having difficulty getting in and out. 

At Supercharged Entertainments, drivers weighing larger than 300 lbs. are not allowed to join in the kart. The reasons were to ensure the comfort and safety of kart riders. At Ace Karts – a go-kart track in Australia, there is no limit regarding weight, but the owner only accepts those who fit the kart.

Hence, asking your local tracks about their specific weight limit is best. It seems obvious, but asking the place will give you the most accurate answer regarding this problem.


Is There A Weight Limit For K1 Speed?

The weight condition for K 1 speed karts is around 300lbs, with the maximum height for the driver around 6’7″. For junior K 1 speed karts, the speed limit is the same, but adults cannot participate in that car, even though they pass the requirements of 5’3’’.

How Much Does Weight Slow Down A Go-Kart?

For Formula 1 karts, each 10kg will slow the car down by 0.5% (0.3-0.4 seconds/lap on a regular track). For lighter Go-Kart, the effect will rise in proportional ratio.  

Can Big People Fit In Go-Karts?

Of course. Although the weight condition for some go-kart tracks is around 300lbs (136kg), plus-sized drivers can enjoy a few good rides on the kart without hurting the vehicle. The only condition is the body should fit in the kart itself.

What Size Is An Adult Go-Kart?

There are various adult go-karts settings, especially in size and shape. However, the regular size for an adult kart will be 78″ long, 25″ tall, and 52″ wide for sprint and oval kart chassis.


And that’s everything we can conclude on the Go Karting Weight Limit. After sorting out the important details you need to know about this topic, we hope you will understand everything about go-karts and their weight limitation. 

Thank you for joining us, and good luck riding your favorite vehicle! We will see you in the next article!

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