Go Karts Dallas – List of The Most Common Tracks

Racing is one of the most attractive sports in many cities, including Dallas. Many people in Dallas enjoy this game as a hobby. Interestingly, some centers for go-karts in Dallas contain various activities, even for children. In this article, you will see the six most popular go-karts in Dallas.

When you travel to this city, you can easily choose one of them to enjoy memorable moments with your family. Let’s find out what they are!

Top 6 Go-Karts in Dallas 

The six places below are voted by many racers and players, so they will not let you down. Let’s get started!

1. Andretti Karting and Games – The Colony

Andretti Karting and Games – The Colony

Andretti Indoor Karting is a world-class karting facility with one-of-a-kind experiences for race enthusiasts. Not only does Andretti offer karting but a range of other fun activities for all ages to enjoy.

The karts are electric and have a good acceleration because of the electric motor. The pricey tickets are cheaper when you go on weekdays and wait in line to be able to race, as opposed to experiencing busy crowds during weekends.

Moreover, Andretti Indoor Karting, unlike any other in the city, is multi-level and provides a modern and exciting racing environment with many sharp turns.

The indoor track provides racers many chances to overtake other racers, which they might not get on outdoor tracks. Thanks to its great design, this go-kart provides players with many ridiculous opportunities. If you’ve never been to Andretti Indoor Karting, you should try it out in Dallas, Texas.

Another special fact about this center is that it has a food truck plaza and offers a wide range of meals from different cuisines and an assortment of beverages for you to enjoy with your friends.

2. Dallas Karting Complex

Dallas Karting Complex

Dallas Karting Complex is another interesting location for excited players about tracking.

If you like racing and want to get some seriously fast go-karts, you should not miss this place. These karts are some of the fastest in Texas, and if you can complete their races in under 75 seconds in their normal karts, they have really fast karts that you can experience.

You can rent their kart for $99 for 10 minutes or purchase your own for $199 and sign up on their track. Their tracks are half a mile long with 17 turns.

Anyone can enjoy racing go-karts at this venue. There are many league racings every year, and you can expect the best drivers in the region to be present. Races are held for both newbie/first-time drivers and professional drivers.

3. K1 Speed

K1 Speed in Dallas

With a safe and fun karting venue, K1 Speed Dallas provides everyone in the Dallas area a place to spend an adventurous day out with friends. K1 Speed Dallas is around Plano, Richardson, Adventure Landing, and McKinney.

They provide various car driving packages, including rally racing and drifting. Furthermore, the organizers offer all the services of a racing event, and they never stop adding new features like their location rental service.

With all of these features, it’s a great place for both private and public events. Customers can rent locations or space for their events, such as birthday parties or bachelor parties. 

The K1 Speed indoor racetrack is vast and offers a good racing experience for beginners and experienced drivers. You can make up to 12 turns during the race, and the straight sections provide variety.

This racetrack has a concrete surface that is well maintained, perfect for practice. The platform features an advanced timing system with big monitors that keep track of the best times.

Moreover, another feature that puts K1 Speed above the rest is its all-electric go-karts. That means the facility produces zero fumes and is very quiet. Furthermore, these electric go-karts can reach speeds of more than 40 mph.

With high-powered karts, you can feel the sudden torque of acceleration. You’ll be able to enjoy this kart, even if you’re an experienced racer and have grown accustomed to the experience.

4. Adventure Speedway

Adventure Speedway in dallas

Adventure Speedway is a park in Dallas with many exciting attractions. They provide go-karts, racing, and other family-friendly attractions for all ages. 

Adventure Speedway also has lots of activities that your kids will love, including laser tag. You can spend the day there with family and friends.

The Adventure Speedway race track also features a concrete racing surface with a safety barrier. You can challenge your driving skills in this environment that is still family-friendly.

The inside lane is covered in dirt, while the outside lane is lined with concrete. You can do a counter-clockwise lap, which provides many interesting activities for everyone in your family.

There are plenty of food and beverages offered at the facility to satisfy your hunger, from pizza to sandwiches. You can also get a drink at the cafeteria.

5. North Texas Karters

North Texas Karters

Kart owners have a chance to race at North Texas Karters: a member-owned racing facility where there is a class for nearly every age group. Kart owners can buy memberships and attend 18 races per year.

There are two Karts in the region, which are considered close to the location. One is DKC, and the other is Kart.

6. Route 377 Go-karts

Route 377 Go-karts

If you’re trying to find a trip for your kids in Haltom, Route 377 Go-karts can be a fun option because it’s relatively cheaper. 

They have bumper car rides for children that are accessible with a 36″ height requirement. One of the best parts of this rink is that you can have your arcade to play games in between skating sessions.

There’s a go-kart course near the city if you’re looking for other fun things to do with your kids. The best part? It’s much cheaper than similar places in the area.


Why Did Speed Zone In Dallas Close?

After operating for a few years in North Texas, SpeedZone announced that it is closed its doors for good in Dallas. SpeedZone announced that they’re officially shutting down operations because of pressures on the economy.

This announcement from Speed Zone had left so many regrets on racers of this center. 

When Did Speed Zone Close In Dallas?

Despite improvements, the operations at SpeedZone have been continuing to be declined. The staff is very dedicated. 

The park will close this location on February 18th, 2020. It was a difficult but necessary decision made considering the team members and the company’s future.

How fast are Dallas Karting Complex karts?

You can go up to 80 miles an hour on their 25-acre track at Dallas Karting Complex. With 17 bends, this track is a great place to race and have fun. You can race any time you want since there’s no need for a license or reservations.

How Long Is A Race At Dallas Karting Complex?

Dallas Karting Complex provides a racing facility with a CIK-approved course, approx. 0.8 miles long and contains 17 sharp turns. 

The track is available for racers to race on from 11 AM-9 PM Monday-Friday and 10 AM-9 PM on Saturday and Sunday. There are lights around the course that shows when your time is timed.


You have already had many options for suitable go karts Dallas to come and enjoy your favorite activities. They can also not be a bad choice for your children. 

If you need more information about any other centers in Dallas, don’t hesitate to contact us via hotline or email. We are always willing to support you!

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