Go Karts Houston: Everything You Need To Know About The Best Ride!

If you are a Go-Kart lover, you cannot miss the information on the Go-Karts Houston to find out which tracks are the best to practice your driving skill. With the help of these cool stations, you will soon drive Go-Kart like a pro!

Let’s look at 7 Go-Kart tracks today and select which destination will be the best for you!

Go Karts Houston Track Review

1. Go-Kart RacewayGo-Kart Raceway Houston

Go Kart Raceway is one of the best entertainment centers in Houston that can ensure you and your family have a pleasant time. 

Their main focus is go-kart activities, but you can find many other recreational programs within the area, such as laser tag or arcade games. If you want to spend quality time with your family while still satisfying your Go-kart love, this is the place to hit. 

You can bring your go-kart or rent a go-kart here and start a race on a 3-way race track made for both adults and kids. There are various types of Go-karts to get, such as 1-seater, 2-seater, off-road, etc. As the location resides outside, the atmosphere is comfortable to enjoy, and safety is always highlighted, among all other things.

Adults can race in 1 or 2-seater, but an adult must accompany kids in a 2-seater for safety. Two passengers going for a 2-seater must be taller than 36″.

After being tired and excited after finishing the race, the only thing customers need will be refreshments, which will be offered right away. There is plenty of food and drinks to enjoy after such an exhausting activity.

2. Speedy’s Fast Track 

Speedy's Fast Track Houston

Coming to Speedy’s Fast Track, you and your family will have a great time go-karting, playing minigolf, laser tag, etc. – every recreational activity can be found here so that no one can ever get bored!

It is an exciting outdoor activity park suitable for children and adults of all ages. Especially for kart racing, there will be a large track made of concrete that can ensure all kart-journey are safe and forceful. There are unexpected twists and turns in the track for racing adventures to challenge your skill. 

It is not a surprise when so many people come to Speedy’s Fast Track because of its thrilling tracks.

The site will offer 1-seat or 2-seat karts, so parents can choose to sit in a 2-seater with their kids. Don’t worry about safety since all karts are under strict standards and come with belts and bumpers. 

There is plenty of food and beverage in this place, so you and your family won’t have to carry too much food on the way. There are cool snacks and drinks to try and many nearby restaurants to look at.

3. Houston Grand Prix

Houston Grand Prix

Houston Grand Prix is the favorite place for big families to come and enjoy a day off with exciting activities. After years-and-years renovation, Houston Grand Prix always makes sure that their customers get the best experience playing in this center. 

Thanks to their spacious area with go-kart racing stations and other arcade games, lots of activities can be held in one place so that all family members can enjoy quality time together. 

There are three tracks in total, each with different characteristics to suit the riders. All tracks include barriers and safety features to make sure everyone drives safe and sound. No matter how skillful or none you are at karting, you can still have a great time at these tracks. 

4. Houston Funplex

Houston Funplex

An extremely fun amusement park in Harris County is waiting for you to come and enjoy the best go-kart rides ever! That is Houston Funplex, where you can ride on karts unlimited and enjoy other games to have a fantastic weekend.

As Houston Funplex is an indoor recreational center that offers many services for all ages, they even allow customers to host parties in the place. So, a good party can combine go-kart driving races and fun masking dinner for everyone to have a great, pleasant time.

In terms of go-karting, Houston Funplex brings in all karting activities for adults and children in indoor 1-seater or two-seaters. Parents can join the kids for a race, or the youngsters can be on their own with their competition!

5. K1 Speed – Indoor Go Kart

K1 Speed - Indoor Go Kartin Houston

Other than the phenomenal kart activities you can find in K1 Speed Houston, you can even set up an event in this place for you and your family. But the service with the most reputable of this place still lies in the go-karting activities. 

K1 Speed is extremely popular, and that’s why many people come to it in Houston to enjoy a fun, carefree day off with many fun things to do. What is special about K1 is that there are 12 tracks for racing, so that would be a great chance for future racers to try on. 

There are plenty of corners and sections to test your racing ability! However, don’t worry about regulation being forgotten, as K1 Speed makes sure every racer gets on the race in safety. And if you are on the fast-speed record, you will have your name publicly introduced to everyone!

6. Track 21 Houston Indoor Go Karting

Track 21 Houston Indoor Go Karting

If you love karts in Houston, you must have heard of Track 21 – one of the best indoor go-karting stations in the region. Besides the above suggestions, which give you an outdoor racing experience, Track 21 is an indoor go-karting recreational center.

Although there are many astounding things, the go-kart racing track is still the main attraction of this place. 

The F1 main track attracts many adults who want to experience Speed and skill on a Go-Kart. Drivers can even experience twists, turns, and S-turns on challenging tracks.

7. US Golf and Games

US Golf and Games

Last but not least, what could be a better place than US Golf and Games – where you can satisfy your kart loves while also having other family members to play golf and games with!

Since 1984, Houston US Golf and Games has brought numerous great experiences for customers of all ages. Customers go here to enjoy go-kart rides as the main attraction, and they also emerge in recreational games!

Come to US Golf and Games if you want to experience indoor karting with your family members or simply have a good racing time without facing the sun. 

The modern facility in this place will make every game and experience memorable. With such a cheap price to get a go-kart, no wonders so many customers love spending their quality time at this place.


Go-kart roads must be registered before they operate, so they are legal, as long as they are registered under a standard recreational location. About driving go-karts on the street, it is legal in some places only, so do your research before hitting your go-kart off the road.

Can You Ride A Go-Kart In Texas?

You can ride a go-kart in Texas if your vehicle meets all the requirements needed, and you have a license as well. The profitable licenses for go-kart driving are certified as  Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle (ROV) or Utility Vehicles (UTV) licenses in Texas.

Do You Need A Driver’s License To Drive A Go-Kart?

You don’t need a license if you drive a go-kart as a hobby or a recreational activity. However, if go-karting is your profession, or you are going to compete in a go-kart racing competition, then licenses are needed to be qualified. You will need to have a National/International Karting License. 

Typically, any National Sporting Authorities provide international and national karting licenses to drivers who qualify and can pass a series of tests. 

How Long Is The Houston Karting Complex Track?

The track will take drivers roughly 10-15 minutes to finish at average racing speed. Generally, it is a 25-acre track ranging for approximately 0.8 miles. 


And that’s everything you need to know about Go-Karts Houston – the best place to enjoy kart riding in this city. If you love this racing sport, there are various choices, so picking out one to visit in the future is a must-to!

Thank you for reading this article, and we will see you soon in the next one! Enjoy kart riding, as the fun is always yet to come!

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