Top 4 Go Karts Track in San Diego

San Diego is the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers and go-kart enthusiasts with its breathtaking beaches, sunny weather, and vibrant atmosphere. This article will explore the top four go-kart tracks in this exhilarating city, where you can unleash your inner speed demon and have an unforgettable experience.

K1 Speed San Diego

K1 Speed San Diego
Address: 1709 Main St, San Diego, CA 92113

Our Opinion
Locations in San Diego and Carlsbad, California, K1 Speed is the ultimate destination; with its electric karts, thrilling tracks, and competitive atmosphere, this venue guarantees an unforgettable time for racers of all ages.


    • Juniors: Minimum height of 48″
    • Adults: Minimum height of 58″

Pricing (Rental):

    • 1 Race: $24.95
    • 2 Races: $44.95
    • 3 Races: $59.95
    • Additional $7 membership is required to race

Electric Karts: These high-performance go-karts allow you to reach top speeds quickly, delivering an exhilarating racing experience.

On-Site Amenities: Enjoy the wait for your turn to race with pool tables, a small arcade, and a restaurant available on-site.

Competitive Element: Your lap times are recorded, allowing you to compare your performance with the best kart racers of the week, month, and more. 

Party Reservations: Planning a party? Make a reservation at K1 Speed and enjoy reserved race times with your group, eliminating waiting times. Rental rooms with catering options are also available for a hassle-free celebration.

Track Variations: Each location boasts its unique track design. Visit their website to explore the Carlsbad Track and San Diego Track layouts. Regardless of the place, both venues feature similar go-karts capable of reaching impressive speeds—adult karts up to 45 mph and junior karts up to 30 mph.

League Racing: K1 Speed regularly hosts league races for adult and junior classes. This is an excellent opportunity if you’re interested in getting involved in kart racing without breaking the bank.

Speed Circuit

Speed Circuit San Diego
Address: 881 District Pl, Chula Vista, CA 91914

Our Opinion
Speed Circuit is the ultimate destination for go-kart racing. With powerful gas-powered karts and challenging tracks this place is must stop goal.


  • Juniors: Minimum height of 48″
  • Adults: Minimum height of 60″
  • Passengers: Minimum height of 42″

Pricing (Rental):

  • 1 Race – $20
  • 3 Races – $48
  • 5 Races – $75

Annual Membership:

  • An annual $7 membership for all participants.


  • Gas-Powered Karts:
    • Experience the thrill of speed with the gas-powered 6.5hp Honda engines in the adult karts, capable of reaching speeds up to 40 mph. 
  • 2-Seater Karts:
    • Enjoy the excitement with a passenger by opting for the 2-seater kart. Passengers must be over 42″ tall, while the driver must be 18 or older.

Group Options: Arrive and drive with a group of up to 7 people or book an event for larger groups of 8 or more.

Birthday Celebrations: Celebrate your kid’s or teen’s birthday by hosting an event at Speed Circuit. The exciting karts and engaging atmosphere will undoubtedly create an unforgettable experience.

Arrive and Drive: Note that on busy days, the arrive and drive option operates on a first-come, first-served basis, which may result in longer waiting times. Consider visiting on weekdays for a more convenient experience.

Additional Thrill Park: Discover a thrill park with wipeout trampolines and other exciting attractions to add more fun to your visit.

Competitive Racing: While league races are not frequently hosted, stay updated through their social media channels and contact Speed Circuit if you’re passionate about competitive racing.

CalSpeed Karting Center (Permanently closed)

CalSpeed Karting Center
Address: 9300 Cherry Ave, Fontana, CA 92335

Our Opinion
Although it may be a 2-hour journey from San Diego, the experience and thrill awaiting you at CalSpeed Karting Center make it well worth the trip. With its meticulously designed tracks, high-performance rental karts, and strict safety protocols, this outdoor karting center offers an enjoyable racing experience.


    • $45 for a 12-minute session (including Helmet and gloves rental )
    • $55 for a full-day pass when booked online (Only for kart owners)
    • $75 for a full-day pass onsite (Only for kart owners)

Track Configuration: CalSpeed Karting Center has multiple track configurations of up to .75 miles, featuring 15 challenging corners that will push your driving abilities to the limit. With long straightaways, you’ll have the opportunity to test your kart’s top speed.

Rental Karts: Their karts can reach up to 50 mph on the straight track

Safety Requirements: Safety is a top priority at CalSpeed Karting Center. Drivers must wear full-face helmets, full-coverage heavyweight clothing or racing suits, gloves, closed-toed shoes, and chest protectors (for drivers under 12). All safety gear can be rented onsite

Boomer’s Vista San Diego

Boomers Vista San Diego
Address: 237 S Bent Ave, San Marcos, CA 92078

Our Opinion
While Boomers Vista may not be the best go-karts racing track, it shines as a fantastic destination for parents looking to spend quality time with their kids in and around the Vista region.


  • Drivers: Must be at least 58″ tall
  • Passengers: Must be at least 40″ tall

Pricing (Rental):

  • $12.99 per person for a 5-minute session
  • $21.99 for a 2-hour pass
  • $36.99 for an all-day pass

Additional Attractions: Mini Golf, Laser Tag, Batting Cages, Bumper Boats, and a Game Room await you at Boomers Vista. 

2-Seater Go-Karts: Experience the excitement of riding together with the availability of 2-seater go-karts. Share the thrill with your loved ones as you navigate the track in these gas-powered vehicles.

Affordable Pricing: Compared to other options, Boomers Vista offers reasonable pricing. You can enjoy an entire fun day with an all-day pass priced at only $37.

Dining Options: Indulge in a delightful dining experience at the on-site Johnny Rockets restaurant. Savor mouthwatering meals that will satisfy your taste buds and add enjoyment to your visit.

As we conclude our journey through the top go-kart tracks in San Diego, we hope this article has the information you want. Whether you’re a local resident or planning a visit to this magnificent city, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the thrill, speed, and excitement these tracks offer.

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