Top 5 Go-Kart Tracks in San Francisco

While San Francisco has limited options for go-kart tracks, several fantastic facilities exist in the broader Northern California region. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor tracks or electric or gas-powered karts, we have compiled a list of the top five go-kart tracks in and around San Francisco

K1 Speed - Indoor Track in San Francisco

Located at 160 Beacon St, South San Francisco, K1 Speed is the most popular indoor go-karting franchise in the United States. With tracks that are open year-round, regardless of the weather, K1 Speed offers an exhilarating experience for juniors and adults. The facility features electric karts reaching up to 45 mph for adults and 20 mph for kids. However, the speeds can be remotely controlled for safety purposes.

K1 Speed is not just a go-karting center; it’s also an excellent venue for hosting events such as birthday parties and company gatherings. You can book party rooms for meals and celebrations and reserve the track for your event. For those looking to take their go-karting skills to the next level, K1 Speed offers leagues for adults and juniors, allowing members to track their lap times and compete with other racers. It’s a perfect opportunity to test your interest in the sport before investing in your own go-kart or joining a club.

Umigo Racing (Permanently closed)

Umigo Racing

Situated at 6538 Patterson Pass Rd, Livermore, Umigo Racing is another top-notch indoor go-karting center in Northern California. Unlike K1 Speed, Umigo Racing uses gas-powered karts, providing a different experience for karting enthusiasts. With a maximum speed of 40 mph, these karts offer a thrilling ride on their multiple-track layouts. While some visitors have mentioned grip issues on the track, Umigo Racing still delivers an exciting and competitive racing environment.

Umigo Racing offers various pricing options for rental karts, allowing you to enjoy single races or multi-race packages. If planning a group event, you can book private races at reasonable rates. Additionally, Umigo Racing organizes eight-week-long leagues with a maximum of 24 drivers. Participants compete for the best position and fastest lap, so watch their social media and Facebook group to stay updated on league racing opportunities.

SSi Racing – Go-Kart Racing Trainers

SSi Racing - Go-Kart Racing Trainers

SSi Racing stands out from the other go-kart tracks on our list as it primarily serves as a racing school rather than a rental facility. This San Francisco-based school focuses on preparing students for motorsports, starting with go-karting. They offer virtual classes and on-track go-kart training using different kart types.

SSi Racing begins with 4-stroke karts, which cost $120 per session, providing a solid foundation for aspiring racers. As students progress, they advance to non-shifter 2-stroke karts and powerful 125cc racing karts that reach up to 100 mph. If your children dream of pursuing a career in motorsports, SSi Racing is worth considering. They also offer a mobile simulator with various tracks, enhancing the training experience.

Kinsmen Kart Club 

Kinsmen Kart Club

Located at 4300 Central Pl, Fairfield, Kinsmen Kart Club (KKC) is a karting club open to kart owners who want to practice on their tracks. While they do not offer rental karts, KKC provides a welcoming environment for kart owners to improve their skills and compete. The Kinsmen club’s tracks are open every day of the week for members and on weekends for non-members.

Kinsmen Kart Club offers a range of classes based on age, engine type, and weight. A course is available regardless of your experience level if you’re over 5. Club members enjoy discounts on racing fees and have access to a vibrant karting community. Suppose you’re considering joining a karting club. In that case, it’s a good idea to visit both Kinsmen Kart Club and Blue Max Kart Club to meet the owners and experience their tracks firsthand.

Blue Max Kart Club 

Blue Max Kart Club
Address: 1893 Taylor Rd, Roseville, CA 95661

Situated at 4815 Hwy 6 N, Houston, Texas, Blue Max Kart Club may be somewhere other than San Francisco. Still, it’s worth mentioning due to its popularity among kart owners in the area. This member-based community welcomes kart owners to practice on their tracks, offering racers a vibrant and supportive environment. While they don’t provide rental karts, members can enjoy unlimited access to the tracks upon joining.

Blue Max Kart Club hosts six races annually, allowing members to showcase their skills and compete against fellow karting enthusiasts. The club supports various classes, with LO206 and KA100 being the popular engine classes. No matter your age, starting from 5 years old, there’s a class for everyone to race in and enjoy the thrill of karting.

Final Thoughts

While San Francisco may have limited options for go-karting, the Northern California region offers a variety of indoor and outdoor tracks to satisfy your need for speed. Whether you prefer the convenience of indoor facilities like K1 Speed and Umigo Racing or the sense of community and competition offered by clubs like Kinsmen Kart Club and Blue Max Kart Club. And if you’re serious about pursuing motorsports as a career, take advantage of the opportunity to explore the training programs SSi Racing provides. 

Note: Remember to sign the necessary waivers and follow all safety instructions provided by the instructors at each facility. Closed-toed shoes are required for participation. If your favorite track or club didn’t make the list, please message us, and we’ll check them out!

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