How Fast Do Go Karts Go? – The Best Answer For Racers

Karting is always as exciting as it is variable, making it a wonderful motorsport. Velocity is a crucial aspect of this racing game. You will have to follow various disciplines to reach top speeds. So how fast do go-karts go? There is a wide range of factors affecting the overall speed. Follow us to find out the best answers!

How Fast Do Go Karts Go?

How Fast Do Go Karts Go

The average speed of most go-karts ranges from 40 to 50 MPH. This figure is considered safe and controllable for most racers. At this speed, you can reduce the risk of flying away or off the track and getting hurt. Leaning to the faster side, a go-kart’s speed can fall somewhere between 50 to 80 MPH.

However, in some professional races, you can even witness racing karts going beyond 150 MPH. These beasts are called “super karts”. This difference in speed is due to the variance in drive wheel diameter, axle shaft, and RPM. 

The overall velocity of a go-kart also depends on its engine. Don’t try to overwhelm or challenge yourself with any model that exceeds your driving ability. Before picking any go-kart, ask yourself what your riding style is and your specific engine’s performance capabilities.

The greater your engine displays, the higher speed your kart shows. 

It would be best to choose an engine fitting your needs and desires. Look at the figure of cubic centimeters to check its volume. A go-kart with a high CC engine will meet competitive, fast-paced, and powerful racing needs.

The size of your engine will also determine its power. The larger it is, the more likely it comes with higher horsepower. You will have to choose between electric and gas motors concerning the motor. 

Besides, decide on a 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine, depending on your racing conditions. A two-stroke engine tends to punch over a short period. Thus, it is ideal for high-speed and short-length runs.

On the other hand, a four-stroke one is more fuel-efficient and massive. That’s why it is more suitable for competitive and long races.

Go-karting is fun yet poses some danger if you fail to handle it properly. The very first step is to learn to operate the kart properly. Make sure that your feet reach and press the pedals down.

Learning the controls is also crucial, so try distinguishing between the brake and the throttle. The former is often designed on the left while the latter is on the right.

Now it’s time to warm up your tires using the first track lap. Slowly weave back and forth so that the tires can offer better grip and traction.

Overall, it is vital to build up your speed slowly in the first place and obey all the rules.


What’s The Fastest Electric Go-Kart?

C-5 Blast go-kart is no longer a strange name to professional and experienced racers. Coming from the famous electric vehicle manufacturer Daymak, this product can run faster than you can ever imagine! Its maximum speed ranges from 0 to 60 MPH in only 1.5 seconds. 

This is thanks to its 10kW brushless electric motor and 2400Wh lithium-ion battery. These features explain its impressive acceleration time. 

How Fast Do Professional Go Karts Go?

Professional go-karts can run at unimaginable speeds. That’s why only experienced racers and those with firm hands should choose those karts.

Those karts can reach top speeds of up to 150MPH, as mentioned previously. This is the speed for outdoor experiences. For indoor ones, while a kart for kids reaches 20MPH, 45MPH is the number for professionals.

How Fast Will A 212cc Go Kart Go?

You can expect to ride a 212cc go-kart with a maximum speed between 30MPH and 50MPH. The specific speed depends on the application of the engine and its load.

How Fast Will A 420cc Go Kart Go?

Out of the box, a 420cc go-kart is restricted to 3600 RPM. This one shows 13HP output and more than 18ft-lb torque compared to other karts. For this reason, it can upgrade its speed by more than 50%.

The maximum speed range of this version is from 33 MPH, powerful and fast enough for a competitive race.

How Fast Will A 200cc Go Kart Go?

It would be a big surprise that 200cc go-karts run more slowly than the 100cc and 125 ones. A 200cc kart is not designed to handle the torque that a 2-stroke engine puts out. 

For this reason, this type of kart is equipped with a 4-stroke engine instead. Unfortunately, this component has to rotate more to reach the same combustion power.  

The maximum speed of a 200cc kart with a 4-stroke engine is around 75MPH. On the other hand, the one with a 2-stroke engine will peak at the speed of 120MPH.

How Fast Will A 13HP Go Kart Go?

This type of go-kart is manufactured with a 13HP engine, similar to the 420cc one. This powerful engine allows the kart to reach a maximum speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour.

Besides, it offers high grip tires to let racers ride on a high grip track. Follow safety instructions, and you can take on incredible speeds like a real racing car.

How Fast Will An 8HP Go Kart Go?

An 8HP vehicle is built with an eight-horsepower straight two-engine. Its overall speed is from 24 to 29MPH. If you are a beginner and cannot handle high speed in the first place, a reduction kit is available to keep the speed between 15 to 18 MPH. 

How Much Horsepower Do Go-Karts Have?

The amount of horsepower a go-kart has depends on its type, age, and cart size. Overall, indoor and outdoor models often have from four to 16 horsepower.

Low-horsepower ones will ensure a tighter turning radius and better handling for beginners. On the other hand, models with more than 22 horsepower are perfect for experienced drivers, thanks to their impressive power.

Can Go-Karts Go 100 MPH?

The answer is an absolute YES, although those go-karts are not popular. Some super karts are designed to exceed 100 MPH. Yet, the average ones are not built to offer such extreme performances.

Super karts are also more expensive and difficult to control than the other ones. Therefore, it is vital to adopt a proper diet plan and maintain weight. A professional mentality is also necessary to prevent trauma and injuries when go karting


Without a doubt, go-karting is one of the funniest activities for both adults and young kids. An electric kart enables racers to ride freely without worrying about petrol consumption. 

So how fast do go karts go? The answer depends on various factors, including the kart type and engines. Therefore, don’t hesitate to try your favorite kart and test its maximum speed!

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