How Go Kart Torque Converter Works? – A Detailed Explanation

Are you struggling to know how go kart torque converter works? Our article will help you fully understand a go-kart torque converter and its operation to achieve maximum performance. 

A torque converter is a form of go-kart clutch, comparable to a centrifugal clutch. You simply use this machine to apply power to the go-kart engine’s single gear. 

Now, let’s scroll down and discover how this machine operates!

How does Go Kart Torque Converter Work?

Parts Of A Torque Converter

How Go Kart Torque Converter Works

Before exploring how to use a go-kart torque converter correctly, you should focus on all the important parts of a torque converter. Ten essential pieces that build up this machine are the driver drum, driver hub, weight and spring, movable half, belt, driver’s stationary part, cam fixed, driven pulley’s spring, movable part, and fixed face. 

These components play a key role in generating great power for your go-kart to go up to the hills or deal with rough road surfaces.

How It Works

The crankshaft is attached to the driver pulley, so when the go-kart’s engine is on, the crankshaft will revolve slowly. At the same time, the weight and spring system will also rotate as the crankshaft. 

The weight will then encounter a centrifugal force directed in the other direction from the spring. The spring is stretched due to the weights being pushed outward when the rpm rises. In this process, the centrifugal force also goes up, and the spring reacts by exerting a greater force to oppose this enlargement.

Next, this weight begins to touch the movable half part as it expands against the hub, pushing it in the engine’s direction. The belt self-adjusts as the moveable component is thrust centrifugally, increasing the belt diameter to contact with the driver.

The spring in the moveable half is responsible for standing firm against the force from the belt, which is applied earlier to the driven pulley’s movable section.

All the forces generated from this process will eventually balance, and your go-kart will move at a particular gear ratio based on the engine’s rpm.

Gear Ratios

With the torque converter, you have an endless number of gear ratios. When you start, the ratio is higher, and when the engine’s revolutions per minute go up, it will become lower. 

This function makes the torque converter perfect for various scenarios, such as producing higher torque and then generating less torque when your go-kart’s speed increases.

In the Comet 30 Series, the gear ratio varies from 2.7:1 to 0.9:1 between the two adjustable pulleys.

The number of teeth in the wheel axle sprockets and torque converter sprockets are compulsory to calculate the gear ratio, while the jackshaft sprockets are optional.

Spring Adjustments

Modifying the weight and spring is the best selection if you want a better launch for the torque converter. If you change into harder springs, they will need more revolutions to engage. This is similar to the lower weights, which also need more rotations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Go-Kart Torque Converters Wear Out?

Yes, go-kart torque converters are sensitive equipment and can wear out. This is one of the most common transmission problems you may face while using torque converters. 

This machine is filled with automatic transmission fluid, which generates the hydraulic pressure necessary for optimal operation. Many factors can cause your machine to wear out and malfunction after a long time. Recognizing the root causes will help you ensure the engine’s operation and prevent internal transmission damage and further losses. 

Some initial signs of worn-out torque converters are acceleration loss, slipping gears, overheating transmission, transmission leak, etc.

What Are The Advantages Of A Torque Converter On A Go-Kart?

Because torque converters can change a go-kart’s gear ratio based on the engine’s revolutions per minute (RPM), they are excellent for low-end torque. Moreover, a torque converter is best used for heavyweight or all-terrain go-karts as it will provide great power to climb hills and mountainous areas.

Besides, if you expect a lot of stop-and-go locations or have children in your go-kart, a torque converter will provide sufficient security and power at an affordable price.

What Size Torque Converter Do I Need For My Go-Kart?

A smaller to mid-sized torque converter is typically the best choice if you’re making your go-kart. All auto-parts 30 Series (TAV2) belts are a wise choice because they can be adaptable with all go-kart engine types.

We recommend 20 or 30 Series (TAV2) belts for small-sized off-road go-karts due to their compatibility. On the other hand, a bigger go-kart will require a 40 Series belt to match with.

Which Is Better Centrifugal Clutch Or Torque Converter?

Generally, a clutch makes your go-kart go faster and farther in a long trip, while a torque converter helps improve acceleration effectively and offers a better takeoff.

As mentioned, torque converters are suitable for low-end torque. They are mostly compatible with heavy and off-road go-karts as they provide excellent torque to drive in mountainous areas and climb uneven terrains.

On the other hand, a centrifugal clutch works well with high-speed, flat-track go-karts with smaller wheels. So, consider buying a centrifugal clutch if you have this type of go-kart. It also provides higher power transmission efficiency, which is better than the torque converter due to its chain transmission.

Depending on your go-kart type and purposes, centrifugal clutch and torque converter have different advantages. 


This article shows you how go kart torque converter works, what components are included in this machine, and which method it applies to convert torque. Besides, you’ve discovered many concerns about the go-kart torque converter and clutch. 

We’re sure this information has provided you with the fullest details of this machine. Hopefully, you’ll successfully utilize it in your work. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will reply to you soon.

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