How Much Is A Go Kart? – The Expense You Have To Pay For A Small Car!

Go Kart is popular nowadays, but people haven’t been aware of its price yet. If you haven’t known how much it costs, you may be reluctant to get one of these vehicles home. No more worries as we give you the ultimate solution from today! Check out our article “How much is a go-kart?” to know all details related to the price! Plus, there is more information to know about!

How Much Is A Go Kart?

How Much Is A Go Kart

A Go-Kart costs average between $1,500 to $2,500. However, this is just a big price range, not the exact price you are getting for one car, as the price can vary due to several factors. 

A simple go-kart for children can start from $150, but a professional one can price up to $10000. So, many factors and conditions affect how a kart is priced. 

So, if you ask how much would a go-kart be, the safest answer will be between $1,500 to $2,500. Due to your preference and choices, the price can fluctuate. 

How Much Does A Beginner Racing Go Kart Cost?

There are several options for a beginner racing Go Kart, so let’s see what we have gotten here for the racing category and how much they are:

Average Racing

You can expect to pay from $3,000 to $5,000 for an average racing go-kart. These vehicles are expected to have mid-range equipment, so they make good competitors in racing competitions nationwide. 

They are BirelART AM29-S11, CRG KT2, etc., coming in the same price range. However, some can miss the elements, such as the engine and tires. 

Off-Road Go-Kart

You can expect to spend around $999 to $2000 for a beginner off-road Go-Kart. However, as we have mentioned before, off-road go-karts vary in price due to the attached factors. 

For example, 1-seat karts will have different prices from 2-seats, but don’t worry, if they are still recognized as off-road go-karts, the price won’t have a big gap.

The factors affecting how much go-kart costs are based on its equipment, size, and material quality. Bigger karts will surely be more expensive as they are equipped with heavier load engines, heavier frames, larger seats, chassis, etc. 

Kid and Youth

Beginner go-karts can also mean vehicles for youngsters! If your kids love to run on a go-kart, getting a kid go-kart won’t be a big deal as the prices are quite negotiable. Although the settings might differ from car to car, the price won’t fluctuate much because those are still in the kids’ category. 

You can find mini, cadet, or kid carts if you wish to purchase a for-kid racing kart. Of course, their prices will be lower than usual carts, as they are smaller and equipped with lighter engines. It will range from around $2000-$3000 for a kid’s Kart.


Surprisingly, homemade go-karts can be a great deal to your kart-purchasing plan as they are cheap and easy to use for beginners. 

The price ranges between $400 to $900, cheaper than most pre-assembled karts. However, remember that the price can vary due to the components you install and what types of Kart you are trying to build. 

The choice is all yours for homemade go-karts because you can install all components on the quality you wish for. The price can be from $100 for simple ones to $1000 if you want some advanced features or high-end material. 

How Much Is An Electric Go-Kart?

How Much Should You Spend on a Go Kart

Unlike ordinary go-karts, electric go-karts are much more expensive because of their components built into the machine. If an average price for a normal go-kart is between $2000-$10000, you would be shocked to find out that the average price for an electric one is about $12000.

A beginner electric go-kart will start from $8000, and the price will be higher due to the type of go-kart you go for or its components’ material in the settings. 

With further customization and upgrade, the price can even get higher. 

How Much Does A Two-Seater Go-Kart Cost? 

Two-seater goes karts’ prices are higher than ordinary karts. Its price range is about $1,500 to $5,000; it can be higher due to what you decide to put in that machine. 

Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy A Go-Kart?

It will be cheaper in general to build a go-kart. Buying all the vehicle components and assembling them lets you know which details can be removed or which one you can have for a cheaper price. These components can be trolleys, lubricants, tools, and extras.

However, unless you are a professional kart rider or someone who has experience assembling kart cars before, you should still purchase the Kart for your best. Or even better, get a second-hand kart to lower the cost!

How Do You Make A Cheap Go-Kart?

The easiest way to build your cheap go-kart is to follow plans. Let’s discover suitable plans for you so that we can all make cheap, affordable go-karts together!

Two-Seat Go Kart Plan

Kart Fab has represented the Two-Seat Go Kart Plan, which includes an instruction for you to build your two-seat cart. You will be notified about the materials needed and the detailed instructions on assembling things in the right places. Diagrams and photos are there to support your work.

The cost for assembly will be no more than $500, so feel free to build your go-kart without worrying about finances! After following a 26-page full guide PDF, you can surely have your two-seater karts at home!

Wooden Go Kart Plan

If you have spare wood in your backyard, why not try to build a wooden go-kart? Following a detailed wooden go-kart plan by HomeSchool.Co UK, anyone can assemble and build a lovely, accessible go-kart.

This 5-page PDF includes the instructions on how to build this specific go-kart. It includes illustrations and details in sizes, color, and patterns to make it easy for assemblers to visualize what they are doing and how they can have the parts together. 

Although there are no written directions, you can still follow the pictures and diagrams to get things going. Thanks to this cool plan, with less than $400, you can build your wooden go-kart thanks to this cool plan!

Free Off-Road Kart Plan

Understanding how popular free off-road karts are on the market, it’s your chance to build your monster, thanks to a detailed plan mastered by Kart Building. 

The manufacturer provides instructions on every step, from the materials you need to prepare to the needed steps to follow to complete the Kart. 

There is also an online version for this plan to browse through if you need quick access to a guide. All sections will be fully included to ensure you get your assembly correctly and in time for the summer. 


And that’s our full guide on the answer to “How Much Is A Go Kart?

After finding out the price for the Go-Kart, we hope you sort out the perfect types of karts to go for, then get it home with the price you have already known.

Thank you for sticking with us till the end of this article, and we will see you in the next article! Have fun riding your go-kart in the summer!

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