How Much Money Do Go Kart Racers Make?

How much money do go-kart racers make? Such a query might be among the first questions that your family asks when you propose to follow this career. 

Instead of persuading them through speeches about your passion for car racing, a specific amount of income can work better. 

This blog covers essential aspects of the career of race car driving, such as income, required licenses, joining a team, getting sponsorship, etc. 

How Much Money Do Go Kart Racers Make?

how much go kart racer make

According to SimplyHired, a go-kart racer can get an income of $75,016/year on average. Yet, the reality might have various versions of a car racer’s wealth. Some reports even show that a pro racer can earn up to $130,000 each year.

We need to look at those who struggle to make ends meet with this job for a comprehensive perspective. So, it is common to see a racer earn $10,000 or even less when he becomes a winner in a tournament.  

However, many successful racers earn even millions of dollars per year. Their income does not come from the winning trophies of tournaments but from sponsorships and public appearances. 

Is Race Car Driving A Job?

We agree that it sounds less like a job but more like an expensive hobby. Yet, driving a race car can be a brilliant career if you know the best how-tos of wonderful performances. 

The job description is simply being a race car driver refers to high-speed drives on a track while the audience enjoys the race in the stand.

As the name suggests, the ultimate goal is to win the top one as you drive a go kart! If things go well, sponsors may collaborate with you for public appearances or advertisements. 

The benefits are a great deal, yet it is crucial to reach the mastery of driving at high speeds and safety tips. Hours of professional practice and investments into protective gear are indispensable inputs!

How Do I Start A Racing Career?

How Do I Get A US Racing License

As briefly mentioned above, being a racer takes serious training and persistent practice. As such, it is essential to learn a step-by-step guide to kick off your racing career. 

Driving at high speeds is dangerous, so you must have great skills. Yet, high-speed drives in a race with other professional race drivers require excellent driving skills!

Though karts share the same features of structure with open-wheel vehicles, practice is a must to familiarize. You can join a competition in karting races once your skills get better.

Besides, you can enroll in a racing school for professional education or training boot camp. This approach enables you to have a solid foundation of knowledge and instructions from trained mentors. 

Having your vehicle and essential equipment can help you proactively arrange a time for practice. Also, you should take part in a racing club to have mutual learning and gain mutual growth!

Once you find your skills reach certain levels for a real race, it is time to have your feet wet! Participating in a race is a chance to know whether you can become a professional racer or not! 

What Age Can You Start Racing Cars?

Driving a race car needs high-level skills and abilities to handle situations promptly. There might be some prodigies who can reach the standards at a very young age. 

Yet, only people who are 16 years old can participate in autotest, drag racing, stage rallies, safari events, etc. Also, if you want to become an F1 racer, you must be at least 18 years old.  

We have talked about the cases of being youngsters. How about being too old to dip your feet in a high-speed car race? Age influences eyesight and health conditions, which are two main factors of a driver. 

Consequently, careful check-ups to see whether you are suitable and ready to take on a high-speed track play an important role. 

How Do You Get A Kart Sponsor?

When you have stepped in a race as a professional driver, it is time to look for kart sponsors to support your career. You can have better equipment, protective gear, and professional crews. 

Yet, it is not easy to find a powerful kart sponsor. In other words, it is a process of many tries, being rejected before getting accepted. You can take some suggestions below as references.

  • Expand your network through the search for kart sponsors within your local areas. 
  • Reach out to the companies that work in the field of motorsports. 
  • Pay visits to go-kart tracks, locations, and organizers to have contact with persons in charge. 
  • Contact local go-kart chassis and part manufacturers. 

The tips for getting the sponsors’ attention and persuading them to support your career are to clarify what you can do for them. 

It is a collaboration. Instead of asking sponsors to help you, you should show them the benefits you can bring. It can be brand awareness, high achievements, revenues, etc. 

How Do I Get A US Racing License?

  1. Take A Photo Of Yourself Meeting Passport Photo Requirements 

The application for the FIA certification requires a photo of yourself which then appears on your license. The note for those who submit information online is to save the photo in JPEG format.  

  1. Depict Your Racing Biography 

The FIA needs the information about your racing career to consider whether you are eligible or not. So, it would help if you were sure to attach information about:

  • The length of your car racing career. 
  • The organizations you have worked with so far. 
  • The total number of races you have taken part in. 
  • The number of races you have finished. 
  • And so much more!
  1. Have A Thorough Check-Up and Submit The Result 

As mentioned earlier, health can make or break the success of a car race driver. It is obvious when having a medical examination to get a U.S. racing license. 

The result of your check-up should be within three months before submitting your application. The recommended medical forms are the ones by the International Conference of Sports Car Clubs. 

  1. Insert The Information In The Online Application Form In The U.S. FIA Licensing Website

When accessing the U.S. FIA Licensing Website, a form requires you to fill out personal information. All you need to do is to follow the instructions carefully! 

  1. Get The Fee Payment Done

After you have finished all the steps above, you have to pay the application fees. The average cost can range from around $500. 

After paying, a confirmation document will show up with your payment details. Besides, you can learn the application process and the ways to keep it on track! 

How Do You Join A Racing Team?

A famous saying is that “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. It is true in the field of car racing, especially for beginners. 

It must be nice to have predecessors and peers who share the same passion for car racing. A team can share knowledge, new skills, and experiences. 

Mutual growth can come from mutual support. It explains why car racers love to be in a team. Also, healthy competition among members could boost the morale for continuously improving skills! 

The process below suggests what you can do to join a racing team. Hopefully, it can alleviate the difficulties you might encounter! 

  • Find the teams that impress you with their teamwork and sports spirit. 
  • Search the websites of the racing series and forums of the teams you want to join. 
  • Reach out to them through email, chats, or directly contacting the persons in charge. 

How Old Is The Youngest NASCAR Driver?

NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. Its races are among the biggest sports events. Thus, participating in NASCAR races is a big deal to any professional race driver. 

It takes maturity and patience to be over the top of excellent drivers in the NASCAR competition. So, it might sound like a playground for experienced drivers! 

Yet, Kaz Grala is now the youngest ever when first competing in a NASCAR race at 16. His career then took off with many other achievements in other big racing competitions. 

Meanwhile, Harrison Burton is the youngest winner of a NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Martinsville Speedway. When he held that trophy, he was only 19 years old! 

Do You Have To Go To College For Nascar?

It is not necessary to graduate from any college or university to become a NASCAR driver. People will look at your skills and capacities to grow as a racer rather than your degrees. 

Yet, it is essential to have a professional education from a race school and specialized licenses. For example, if you are in the U.S., having the FIA certification is compulsory to pursue such a career. 


Besides the answer to “how much money do go kart racers make”, this blog walks you through the factors that have got the attention of beginners.  

Hopefully, it can bring more clarity to the future and the reality of this job. Understanding the aspects above can build confidence in your choice!

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