How To Clean Steering Wheel Leather? 4 Steps To Get Your Job Done

The steering wheel is one of the dirtiest components of a car because the driver touches it frequently. Once it feels sticky, give it a thorough cleaning. But how to clean your steering wheel leather properly? The four steps we mentioned right here will help your job done well. So let’s read on to discover! 

How To Clean Steering Wheel Leather?

How To Clean Steering Wheel Leather

Over time, the accumulation of oils, grime, and bacteria on the steering wheel can make it more difficult to grip. The following steps will help you remove it and recover the luxurious appearance of the steering wheel. 

Step 1: Wipe off the dust

Start by brushing the dirt off the steering wheel with a clean, dry towel. The surface will then be ready for subsequent treatments. 

It would be best to keep the cloth in the glove section of your car so you can access it anytime you get into your automobile. Cleaning off dirt regularly will help prevent accumulation and damage to the appearance of the steering wheel.

Step 2: Apply the leather cleaner

Clean Steering Wheel Leather Chemical

After the surface is clean of dust, apply the leather cleaner to it. If you don’t have one, use products for leather shoes instead. 

You can also create a cleaner by mixing liquid soap with distilled water. Avoid tap water at this stage, as its impurities may damage the material. 

Once you have found the cleaner, dampen a microfiber cloth with it. Then, use the soaked cloth to clean the steering wheel. 

Do not rub the wheel hard. You can bathe the fabric and wipe away excess moisture with gentle motions.

Step 3: Apply leather conditioner 

You must apply a protective oil coat after cleaning the leather to keep your steering wheel feeling supple and soft.

Apply a leather conditioner containing sunscreen to safeguard the steering wheel’s material from light-related deterioration.

Rub the dime-sized dab of leather conditioner into the steering wheel using the bare hands and a conditioner. After gently cleaning the area around the steering wheel, leave it for around 30 minutes.

After that, wipe off the remaining cleaner from your steering with a microfiber cloth. 

Step 4: Plan a regular cleaning routine

To keep bacteria at bay, we advise washing down your steering wheel once a week with leather conditioning wipes. It will nourish the leather, making it soft and glossy. 

Use the above cleaning procedure once a month after that to keep your steering wheel in prime condition. The more persistent you are, the better your leather looks. 


1. What’s the best thing to clean your leather steering wheel with?

You can use leather cleaners and conditioners to clean your steering wheel. If you are looking for some household ingredients, consider vinegar and baking soda. They are good at killing bacteria that have accumulated on the leather. 

2. How will I make the leather steering wheel look new?

You can apply a leather conditioner to maintain its glossy appearance. It’s also important to clean the steering wheel regularly, avoid damaging the fabric and wipe off dust before and after every use. 

This video will show you more tips:

3. How do I stop my leather steering wheel from peeling?

The best ways to try for this purpose include:

  • Repair the steering wheel once you notice any tear
  • Avoid harsh contact with the leather
  • Clean the steering wheel regularly and properly

4. What causes leather peeling?

The most common reasons for a steering wheel peeling are:

  • Excess friction
  • Too much heat and sunlight
  • Cold weather
  • Poor maintenance


You can clean your leather steering wheel in four easy steps. The rule of thumb is to do it regularly to avoid severe damage. 

If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends who have the same questions. For any further information, please feel free to ask.

Thank you for reading! 

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