How To Cut A Tire In Half? – 5 Simple Steps

How to cut a tire in half seems to be a difficult task that becomes simpler after the initial time. If you implement the necessary measures, nothing ought to go wrong.

Do not attempt to replace one of the instruments utilized in this operation, and properly dispose of the cut tires. If you don’t have a way to dispose of unwanted tires, why not make them into something fresh and exciting? That’s a terrific project for you and a crafty family member.

Let’s scroll down and see the best way to cut tires!

How To Cut A Tire In Half

There are several measures you should take before we begin. These precautions will assist you in avoiding mistakes and pain.

Tires are frequently threaded with steel; therefore, protective equipment is required in cases of sparking, attempting to avoid wearing particularly flammable clothing. 

Use a head-covering or a welder helmet as well. You should also wear big, thick gloves, ideally flame-resistant. Consider obtaining a welding mask as well. It’s not necessary, but it’s a sensible precaution to consider.

As you cut through its material, it will become hot, burning rubber smells and emit odors. Another incentive is to try working outside. If it isn’t feasible, keep all of your windows open and, if possible, an entrance to the exterior open.

In case the fragrance gets too much for you, have a break. While inhaling a small amount would not harm you, burning tires can be harmful.

Step 1: Make One Hole In The Sidewalls’ ‘sweet Spot’

The smoother and softer section of a sidewall, approximately one inch nearer the tread, is the ‘sweet spot’. With almost no reinforcing belts, it is the tire’s weakest spot. However, avoid damaging too near to this tread or too close to the rim since steel belts saturate these areas.

To do so, aggressively strike its sidewall only with the point of the blade. When you’re experiencing trouble or are dubious that a blade will go through, an ice pick, an awl, or another pointed instrument will come in handy.

Step 2: To Keep The Tire From Rocking, Secure It

While slicing it through the above sidewall, the tire would most likely move or roll. To avoid this, put the tire on the ground and stand on the contrary direction of this tire, apart from the place you’re cutting.

Another technique is to hold the tire straight by locking your thighs or foot to keep this from rolling. Nevertheless, you should use extreme care in this posture and ensure you are cutting away from yourself.

Step 3: Using One Sawing Motion To Cut Through

How To Cut A Tire In Half

When cutting with one sawing action, you might build velocity. Seams run through all the sidewalls of some tires, one around the tread and another around the rim. 

When cutting through, utilize them as a guide. When you cut along a sidewall, the blade would be more difficult to cut throughout the rubber. This situation is caused by friction; we may spritz the blade in lubrication and instantly see the difference.

Step 4: Using A Dowel Of Wood To Separate The Cut Section

Wooden dowels maintain the cut place available, helping you to cut through all the rubber more easily. These dowels split apart a rubber from both sides of the blade, preventing it from becoming stuck.

Step 5: Continue Cutting Till The Sidewall Separates.

When you are already partly through, spin the tire to a different position to keep going. This step will make your procedure go more smoothly. You may also aid yourself by pulling the other edge of a sidewall with your free hand.


Can A Grinder Be Used To Cut The Tire? 

If you plan to chop one tire apart using the angle grinder, you need to do it outside in a well-ventilated area. Do not use the angle grinder to cut the tire inside a structure.

When disassembling a tire, including the angle grinder, it’s a good idea to slice for a brief time. Now, pause to allow things to cool down, then continue the operation.

Is It Possible To Cut The Tire With One Knife?

It is sometimes required to cut a tire to get rid of them properly. You also need the correct equipment to pass through tires because they’re thick, resilient rubber. 

One sharp knife may be used to remove a sidewall from the regular tire by chopping along a seam closest to a tread, cautioning not to get the blade quite close to the tread itself.

What Is the Price of One Tire Shredder?

The small-tire shredding costs around 6,000$. It’s hard to quote accurate pricing for a huge tire shredder since it’s too enormous. The ultimate cost of the item will be affected by factors like the device’s material, outputs, setup, and production size.

How Can You Get Paid to Scrap Tires?

Tires are distributed among recyclers that shred them for road construction, sports fields, and companies that fire them as inexpensive fuel to create cement and bricks. The pyrolysis facilities may convert discarded rubber to carbon black, scrap metal, and cheap oil.

For plant owners, backyard pyrolysis processes may produce roughly $2,500 of oil, $300 of steel, or $200 for carbon black with each box of tires. This cost equates to revenue up to $1,500 for each container.

How to cut racing go kart tires?

To cut racing go-kart tires, you will need the following tools:

  • Tire-cutting knife or blade: This tool is designed to cut kart tires. It has a long, thin blade that can easily slice through the tire tread and sidewall.
  • Tire mounting bead breaker: This tool is used to break the tire’s bead away from the rim so you can access the inside.
  • Tire mounting lubricant: This soap-like substance helps the tire slide onto the rim more quickly and prevents the tire from getting damaged during the mounting process.

To cut the tire, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the tire from the rim with the bead breaker. Then, slide the tire off the rim.
  2. Clean the tire: Use a clean cloth to remove any dirt or debris.
  3. Mark the tire: Use a pen or marker to mark the areas of the tire that you want to cut. Make sure to leave enough tread on the tire to provide sufficient grip on the track.
  4. Cut the tire: Using the tire-cutting knife or blade, carefully slice through the tire tread and sidewall along your marked lines. Be sure to follow a straight line and use a steady hand to avoid accidentally cutting too much or too little.
  5. Mount the tire: Once you have finished cutting the tire, apply a thin layer of mounting lubricant to the inside and rim of the tire. Then, carefully slide the tire onto the rim, ensuring it is properly seated and aligned. Use the bead breaker to press the tire bead onto the rim.
  6. Check the tire pressure: Use a tire pressure gauge to ensure the tire is correctly inflated to the recommended pressure.

It is important to note that cutting racing go-kart tires is a delicate process and requires some skill and experience. 

Suppose you are not comfortable cutting your own tires. In that case, it is recommended that you have them professionally cut by a trained mechanic or tire specialist.


How to cut a tire in half? It would be difficult to cut it in half. It is simple to cut a sidewall away from them to make them a bit deeper. You’ll need numerous sharp instruments, as well as patience plus strength.

That can be done quickly using a utility knife. Keep your rubber twisted away from its cutting area, as well as the knife will glide through with ease.

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