How to remove scratches on rims? – Guide with pictures

When the rim is scratched, the simple handling is to use a flat machine or sandpaper. The removal of scratches on the rim will take 3-4 hours and need some support tools. Find out the details answer to the question: How to remove scratches on rims? through this article


  • Rotary Tool
  • Chemical:
    • Metal polish
    • Strip coat
    • Clearcoat
  • Sandpaper
  • Safety glasses
  • Anti-chemical Glove
  • Sponge bush
  • Rim polish power

How to remove scratches on rims?

Step 1: Clean the rims

  • Remove the central wheels cap (Pop it out from the inner side)
  • Use a mixture of water and soap to spray on the surface of the car
  • Take the dry towel to wipe away the dust and the soil as much as possible

Step 2: Remove scratches with a tool

  • Use a gently scrubbing machine on the scratches close to each other

*Note: It is not necessary to rub the entire rim surface, zoning the scratch area and processing it

  • Rub each area does not focus on each scratch
  • Be careful with the tire close to the scratch
  • Do the same for the entire rim
  • Check and flatten

Step 3: Strip the Clear Coat of the Rims

  • Wash aluminum powder in step 2 with clean water and let dry
  • Use chemicals to remove glossy paint:
    • Cover chemicals on the surface of the rim with a brush (away from your skin and tires)
    • Take a beer and rest for about 1 hour
    • Until Clearcoat is all bubbled up, cracking and popping away
  • Brush clean with a brush (used once more for stubborn places)
  • This is the hardest and most important step to work hard

*Advanced steps

  • Use water, soap and soft sandpaper to handle small scratches
  • Make it until you feel good enough
  • Wash, let dry and move to the best stage

Step 4: Rims Polish

  • Use a cone sponge to bring aluminum polishing cream into difficult areas
  • Should be combined with drilling machines or specialized equipment to save time
  • Use a dry towel to clean it again

Step 5: Spraying glossy paint (Additional Step)

  • Use dilute alcohol with water to wipe the entire rim
  • Cover the tires to avoid sticky paint
  • Spray the entire rim with 3 -time glossy paint (every 5 minutes)
  • Wait a few hours and everything will be ready


  • Depending on each scratch, choose a different grit sandpaper
    • Small scratches: 400 grit
    • Average scratches: 600 – 800 grit
    • Large scratches: 1000 – 300 grit
  • Paint outside has the effect of preventing oxidation, causing the rim to stain
  • The drilling machine should be used in the lightest, gradually increasing when you have experience
  • Although chemicals have safe labels, you always have to wear gloves when exposed

How to prevent curb rash and scratches on rims?

How to remove scratches on rims

Scratches during use are inevitable, but you can limit them by the following ways:

  • Using Wheel Rim Protectors not only helps to limit scratches, easy to clean, but also enhances the appearance of the rims
  • Always maintain tire pressure
  • Learn how to parallel parking
  • Invest to winter rims
  • Always keep an eye on the pothole or any other hazards on the road

Above is the simple tutorial how to remove scratches on rims. Although quite brief, your work may spend a lot of time, so please arrange it very carefully

Do you often handle scratches like this alone or use the service? If you have a better way to do it, please share it with us.

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