How we testing and preview product

At, we strive to provide accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive reviews of Amazon products to assist you in making informed purchasing decisions. Our testing and review process follows a structured approach encompassing various performance categories. This “How We Review” page outlines our methodology and criteria for evaluating products to ensure consistency and reliability.

how we testing and preview product

Defining Main Performance Categories 

To thoroughly assess the products we review, we define specific performance categories relevant to the product’s functionality and our first-hand experience. These categories may vary depending on the product type but generally include aspects such as:

  • Performance: This category evaluates the overall performance and functionality of the product based on objective measurements and our personal experiences.
  • Durability: We examine the product’s build quality, materials used, ability to withstand regular use, and potential wear and tear.
  • Ease of Use: We assess how user-friendly the product is, considering factors such as installation, setup, controls, and intuitive operation.
  • Value for Money: We consider the product’s price features, quality, and overall performance to determine its value proposition.

Conducting Tests

We believe in hands-on testing to provide authentic and reliable reviews. Our testing process involves the following:

  • Real-Life Usage: We use the product as intended, following the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines. This allows us to gauge its performance, durability, and ease of use in real-world scenarios.
  • Comparative Analysis: We compare the product against similar items in the market to assess its strengths, weaknesses, and unique selling points.
  • Research and Data Analysis: We conduct thorough research on the product, studying user reviews, expert opinions, technical specifications, and other available data to gather comprehensive insights.

Rating the Product’s Performance

To rate the product’s performance, we utilize a rating scale (e.g., 1 to 10, 1 to 5) for each defined performance category. Here’s how we approach the ratings:

  • Rating Scale: We assign ratings based on the established scale, ensuring consistency across different products and categories.
  • Criteria for Rating 1 and 10: A rating of 1 signifies abysmal performance or failure to meet basic requirements. A rating of 10 represents exceptional performance or the highest level of satisfaction in a particular category.
  • Objective and Subjective Factors: Our ratings are based on objective assessments, data analysis, performance measurements, and subjective evaluations from personal experiences and opinions.

By defining performance categories, conducting hands-on tests, and rating products based on established criteria, we aim to provide reliable and informative content to our readers. This approach ensures that our reviews are comprehensive, consistent, and valuable for brand comparisons and selecting the best products in their categories.