Lawnmower To Go Kart – Make A Kart Out Of Your Engine

If you already have a lawn mower engine at home, it is possible to make use of it to make a go-kart. Despite the fact that you can choose to purchase one from stores, you can save more money on the go-kart engine’s most expensive part if you do it by yourself! Let’s dive into this article and learn how to make yourself or your kids a lawnmower to a go-kart. Read on!

How To Make A Go-Kart With A Lawnmower Engine

Necessary Tools

lawnmower to go kart

Before starting, make sure you have the necessary tools for the kart. Not only will this speed up your go-kart making, but it will also ensure you don’t miss any materials. 

The followings are the needed tools for the process. Make sure that you prepare them before you start! 

  • A lawnmower engine that you already have
  • The chain
  • One drive shaft gear
  • A plate-shaped stainless steel
  • One shaft gear

Dealing With The Engine

This preparatory stage is also one of the most complexes in the process. However, it would help if you did it thoroughly to ensure safe and everything is ready for the next stages during the implementation.

  • The first thing you need to do is remove the engine oil. Start removing the carburetor, then remove the oil drain plug so that the oil in the engine is completely drained.

Remember to treat the engine first by draining the oil valve and fuel tank until the tank is empty. Fill the pan with oil, but before that, it is necessary to turn off the spark plugs.

  • Next, you should exhaust the engine. Removing the fuel line will ensure that any remaining air in the engine will be drained properly.
  • Then, disconnect the battery cord from the starter and remove the pulley. At this stage, you are almost done with preparing for the lawn mower engine.
  • After unplugging the engine, let’s remove the screw connecting the throttle cable to the engine. Following that, disconnect the starter cable to the engine and remove the motor retainer screw.
  • The next step is to remove the drive belt from the pulley, but please make sure that you need to keep it for later.


In this step, you will have to find a frame for your go-kart that will size it to fit the lawn mower engine. It is suggested that you sketch the frame on a surface to measure its dimensions.

The reframing is to visualize more easily what you’re about to do. It will generally show you what you will be dealing with.

Making The Frame

go kart Frame

Once you figure out the size of the engine, you’ll have a plan in mind for the frame. Visualizing the framework makes framing work easier. You will need some hollow metal pipes and stick them together. Weld the joints to retain their shape and form a basic frame.

After completing a sketchy frame:

  1. Install the shaft on it.
  2. Measure a 1×1 hole; it should have a neat square shape.
  3. Find the ends of that square tube and add bolts there.
  4. Weld them, so they stay in place.

Once you’ve finished adding the pin (for the passenger’ sides will be 4,” and the driver’s side will be 6″), proceed to mount the axle. Weld it under the frame, and it should be done. 

Moving on from the axle is the floor. Do not worry, as this part will be less complicated than preparing the lawn mower engine. A metal sheet will be required for this job. You can use a steel plate if necessary.

Once you find the right metal panels, you need to fasten them to the frame. Use sockets and bolts after punching holes for solid reinforcement. You can also use soldering instead of screws if you wish.

As for the seats, there are no specific instructions. You can mount them as you like, as long as they work. Use different types of chairs if you want, and make note that the way they are assembled will depend on the chair you choose.

Installation Of Parts

You will begin attaching the spindle assemblies, brake tabs, and steering column. Once you’ve finished cutting a 3/4”x11 piece, you’ll continue to soldering it to the handlebars. Next, find a pad that measures 1″.

At this stage, you will place the spacer you just found onto the part of the shaft that goes through the steering wheel. When you’re done, go to the end of the shaft and drill three holes there. The purpose of this job is to make it easy to maintain a distance from the washer.

Next, you will come to making the cuts. Remember that cuts need to be maintained at exactly 39 degrees. This step should be done carefully because, after that, you won’t be able to redo it again.

At this stage, you should see that the axis and the rotation can present movement and should also be kept at a 90-degree angle. Plus, the brake and the throttle should be installed with rest buttons. These tabs will be 3/8″ in diameter and 2″ in length. 

Notice the first tab; the length from it to the frame should be 1/2″. The remaining tabs will be 1 3/8″ away from the first tab and so on. When handling the spindle holders, find the axle you built in the previous step and weld the spindle holders to it so that the shaft is at least 1 inch away from the axle.

At the end of this step, you will attach a shaft for the brake line. Get yourself a round bar measuring 3/8″. Solder it 1 1/2″ away from the shaft.

The Engine Mount

These stands are metal plates, which are similar to the floors of the go-kart. The difference here is that it will be provided with slotted holes for easier engine movement instead of round holes that are fixed.

Depending on the motor you have measured from the start, the mounting plate should be sized to fit it. Once that’s done, the brake bar will need the guide bar, and so will the gas line.

To accomplish this task, you need to bend a piece of metal 3”x1″ so that half of it forms a 45-degree angle. Find a suitable position on the frame and weld so that one side of the weld makes a hole in the other.

That hole will be the way for the brake and gas line. Continue threading them through the guide bar and make a bend to adjust. You will need the brake bar and brake pedal to meet.

Once done, move on to the stage of making the seat according to your preferences.

Installing The Engine

How To Make A Go-Kart With A Lawnmower Engine

You’re about to weld into the DIY go-kart of your dreams. This is the last and most critical step, as you will install the engine and transmission for your kart.

Remember that you need the transmission and the rear axle to link together smoothly. When installing the motor and transmission, align it as closely as possible before using screws to secure it.

You will have to spend a while looking to find the sprocket. Replace any one of them with a sprocket with 16 teeth. Next, connect the transmission to the engine using the lawn mower’s belt slip clutch.

As a tip, if your lawn mower doesn’t have it, you can visit a nearby store and ask for a centrifugal force clutch.

Double-check to make sure both parts are installed properly and properly. The final job of this process is that you will have to find the carburetor connection and connect it to the throttle wire.

How Fast Is A Lawn Mower Go-Kart?

In fact, it depends. The type of lawn mower you use will determine the speed of your kart.

Generally, the go-karts options will accommodate 25 mph. This is the most popular option, offers the most benefits, and is the most practical. These muscles will usually be the type with horsepower ranging from about 3 to 5.

The selection of lawn mower parts will determine the speed of the engine. If you choose a push lawn mower, its engine is usually 3 to 8 horsepower. With a riding lawn mower, its motion will have from 13 to 30 horsepower.

In case you are planning to turn a lawn mower engine into a go-kart, be sure to choose the right motor.

Is A Torque Converter Or Clutch Better?

In general, the torque converter is highly recommended in applying for heavy go-karts or off-road handling. As its engine RPM is capable of adjusting the gear ratio, it is better for the final torque.

However, clutches are cheaper and are an economical option for those on a low budget. Since it can only maintain the same gear ratio most of the time, its applicability will not equal a torque converter.

Is It Hard To Build A Go-Kart?

It’s not as difficult as it looks to build a go-kart.

In general, go-karts usually consist of a few basic parts and have a compact and minimalist design. A go-kart usually consists of four wheels, an engine, brakes, and a small body.

In addition, a gearbox is also required for the go-karts.

You just need to follow the instructions closely to make a go-kart for yourself. It may not be cheap to make one yourself, but it’s not too hard. The step-by-step instructions can confuse you in the first place, but everything will be fine after you’ve taken a few steps and gotten used to it.

What Motors Can You Use For A Go-Kart?

As mentioned above, engines from 3 to 8 horsepower are already the right choice for go-karts.

If you prefer an engine with more horsepower, you can do that as well. Horsepower from 5 to 7 is also great for standard-sized karts. However, an engine that can hit 25 mph is already ideal.

Note that it should be noted that do not choose too powerful engines. While more horsepower sounds appealing, 13- to 22-hp engines can ruin your transmission or, worse, damage your kart.

Are Electric Go-Karts Faster Than Gas Go-Karts?

Generally, electric go-karts will be a better choice. The time to reach the top speed of electric karts will be faster than the gas one. What’s more, you’ll feel the force of electric karts more clearly and faster when they’re equipped with more torque.

The maximum speed achieved by most electric go-karts is 80 km/h. Although this number is only half that of a gas kart, electric cars have the advantage of instantaneous acceleration. Thanks to that, it helps to start up better.

What Size Engine Should I Put On My Go-Kart?

Recommend a 5-7 hp engine using a small displacement engine.

Almost any go-kart will fit this size. It will have a shaft jack about 3/4″, usually a horizontal shaft motor.

Even if you want to build a children’s kart, this is a good choice as standard-sized engines are more common and easier to handle, while powerful engines need more experienced people. But if you’re an expert, give it a try!


Above is the article “Lawnmower to go-kart“. If you have almost no experience in this field and want to give this project a try, we suggest you follow the tutorials above carefully. For people who already have a lot of experience, be creative and follow your preferences as you like –  after all, it’s your go-kart.

This is a fun project, especially if you make it for your kids. They’ll love it. On the other hand, this project requires meticulousness and a decent budget. Please consider all the factors before starting the process.

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